October Days in Lower School

09 Oct

October Days in Lower School
Tally Lent
Lower School Head

October has come and autumn is here! We’ve settled into the school routine nicely and I was recently reflecting about the smooth start of the year and how special our school is. One of the highlights of my week, and there are many, is being outside on Tuesdays and Fridays to welcome children to school. I love the polite greetings I get from each child and the snippets of interesting conversations I can have with students and parents, and I adore watching the kids move from their cars to the building. They run, skip, or power walk into the Marshall Building: the day is beginning and their body language tells me that they are happy to join in all the work and activity. From the beginning of the year, into the middle, and lasting to the end, through fine weather and inclement days, this stays the same. There are days when I laugh out loud at what the students say or do in these early morning moments, and there are other days when I am moved by their caring actions.

The other morning was such a time. Two tiny kindergartners exited their car and were happily rambling, at their own pace, into the building. Simultaneously, two brothers, both veterans of Applewild, galloped out of their car, laden with book bags, instruments, coats and the like. I asked the fifth grade boy to help the kindergartners, just a quick request to “keep an eye out for the girls.” The fifth grader replied with a quick, “Of course!” and stopped his headlong rush in order to extend a long arm around the girls, while juggling all his paraphernalia, and talked to them as he ushered them into the building. His lovely illustration of kindness and his knowing the importance of helping a younger child moved me. I felt proud of him, happy for the girls to have such a nice moment, and grateful to be part of a school where this moment of magic between students happens regularly and I am lucky enough to see it. Spending my days with your children is a privilege and a joy!

Students and teachers are becoming nicely accustomed to the school day and the pace of the schedule, and connections among students and between students and teachers are strong, positive, and vibrant. First, second, third, fourth, and fifth classes have already gone on field trips and our students’ behavior and participation on those trips were exemplary. Our students are working hard, making new friends, and following our Applewild rules with thoughtful care.