News in the Upper School

09 Oct

There is a wonderful energy that comes with working with Middle School aged students. Every day is a new day, and each day our students bring with them an attitude of possibility and a willingness to give it their all! The culture of Applewild is such that each student, each day, has the opportunity to achieve a point of pride. For some it is remembering every item for a class, for others it is studying for a test a bit at a time over a few days, or running the Cross Country course without stopping, or enjoying a new partner in a lab, or remembering manners. Of course there is challenge to face as well each day. It may be a hard academic concept, a disappointing assessment score, speaking with a teacher, or a conflict with a friend. It is as important to develop healthy strategies for facing challenge as it is to have points of pride. The milestones for young adolescents are many! Because of the relationships our students build with their teachers, these adults are cheering our students on as they approach and walk through these life moments.  Applewild is a great place to be!

We are settled in to academic life. Students are busy with classes, sports, rehearsals and art and shop projects and much more. Advisors are checking in daily and helping kids as they grow in their ability to balance the many demands and opportunities that Upper School life presents each day.

Social Media Minute: Many of you know that I am passionate about moderation for our kids with regards to social media. I also think that social media is an exciting thing! And will all good things comes the need for balance.  I encourage us all to have clear limits on screen time and content for our children.  Kids this age need a break from a 24 hour a day social life. Think about that: 24 hours a day of socializing. There is little or no break for our kids from their peers and a digital society that with any given press of a button may or may not be appropriate for kids this age.  We need to set limits and expectations and monitor their interactions. They need us to help them step away from their screens. It’s our job as parents. It will also help nurture the connection between you and your child, even as he or she may be pulling away as he or she is growing. Children find great relief in boundaries and consistency. They are happy to know they can count on us, even when their attitude may not look like it.

Our first social event was a great time! Kids planned and enjoyed pizza and a spirited game of camouflage.


Enjoy this beautiful autumn!
Erica Hager