Invention Convention 2016

11 May

Can Elementary Students Create Inventions?

Recently, Applewild’s 4th grade students were charged with researching a real world problem and to find a solution. Students began with a problem of interest to them and built a prototype to solve the problem. They conducted research for a similar product (as to avoid copyright/patent infringement)  and produced a thorough display board outlining both the problem and the solution. Students presented their work during an Invention Convention during Grandparent/Special Friends Day.

For the past seven years, Lou Franco, Applwild Parent, Trustee, and Patent Attorney, has been delivering a Powerpoint presentation on the  patent process to 4th graders who are learning about Ideas and Inventions. This two day presentation helps our students prepare for the Invention Convention. This year’s presentation even includes the patent application his son, Ben, now in the 6th grade, submitted on his 4th grade invention.

Why is this important? Not every invention works. Students need to apply critical thinking skills in their design and development of their prototype. Applewild’s Invention Convention builds an environment where students are safe to fail and learn that making mistakes encourages risk taking. These are the skills are students will need for their future. This is how Applewild develops future-ready learners.