Living Wax Museum Gets Students Future-Ready

How does the Second Grade Living Wax Museum prepare our students for future learning and to be future-ready?

In preparing for the Living Wax Museum, students build upon the skills introduced in First Grade during their Animal Project. Students pick a historical figure to research using the school’s library. They learn to synthesize and summarize information and create visual representations (both in costume and a tri-fold informational board) of the research they conducted.  These are the skills our young learners will need in college and beyond. Future-ready students will need to be able to present the information they absorb accurately and succinctly as they move from middle school to secondary school, to college and into their first jobs. Truly, at Applewild, these first research projects do indeed set the “foundation upon which all future success is built.”

Giving students the tools, a curriculum that is student-centered and not test-centered, and the time they need to find a passion, a sense of humor, and knowing how to recover from setbacks are the hallmarks of an Applewild School education.