It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

Having a world class museum within walking distance of campus affords Applewild students opportunities they could otherwise miss.  Having a world class museum within walking distance of campus which displays student artwork in a juried show is a dream come true for both art teachers and students. Applewild’s sixth grade is guided by Art teacher Sara Sanford and for this project which every year culminates in a juried show at the Fitchburg Art Museum, students first pick an artist to study and a work by that artist to recreate in papier mache. The artist is represented by a cat or dog and the students recreate the artist’s work. Students began researching their artist, which work to recreate, and planning the display in January. This year, students studied and recreated works by Mozart, Paul Revere, Any Warhol, John Newby, Tre Taliaferro, and August Rodin among many others.

In collaboration with the Fitchburg Art Museum, Art teacher and mentor Sara Sanford curates the exhibit and a catalog of the works is published. The staff at the museum juries the show and awards prizes (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Best in Show).

For 2016 prizes were awarded to:

Honorable Mention:
Antonio Calarusso
Valerie Sutherland
Ruoqi (Katie) Yan
Benjamin Franco
Jack Ray
Walter Pasalis

Third Place
Katherine O’Hearn

Second Place
Celia Torino

First Place
Anna Haywood


It's Raining Cats and Dogs Exhibit

Artist Studied: Walter Thiebaud Inspiration: Cakes








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