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29 Jul

Private School Groton

We Asked  #whyApplewild?

Here’s What Our Families Told Us

“When we visited, every student we encountered was articulate, polite, and well-rounded. We left feeling that these kids are the types we wanted ours to be.”

Our families speak of our school’s Core Values, which are woven into each aspect of our students’ educational journeys; our small classes, which ensure that each child is known well; and of our high standards for academic achievement and character.  Our word cloud (above) is made from the descriptions our families gave us when we asked ‘why Applewild.’

Learn more at our upcoming events:

Come learn your ‘why’ at our next Take a Look morning held the 1st and third Tuesday of the month. Sign-up here or just stop by at 9am. 

OR, take a deep dive now and learn more about why families from Groton, Acton, and Littleton, MA are making Applewild their school of choice.


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