Lateral Thinking & A Hot Chocolate River

09 Sep

How Applewild begins to develop lateral thinking skills

Have you ever crossed a hot chocolate river? No? At Applewild, 1st graders tried out their lateral thinking skills on the hot chocolate river, making sure to avoid the marshmallows on their way to the other side. Once the group reached the shore - off they went again, back to the other side, but this time, with new instructions!

Lateral thinking, a phrase coined by Edward de Bono, means solving problems through an indirect and creative approach. In other words, " a deliberate, systematic creative-thinking process.... looks at challenges from completely different angles."

Ready to read more about thinking? You can visit Edward de Bono's website.


More than a start of the school year ice-breaker, the hot chocolate river crossing begins to teach students how to think "outside-the-box."