Introducing Access Applewild

26 Oct

Introducing Access Applewild:  Tuition within Reach

We believe that an Applewild education should not be out of reach for anyone. That’s why we created Access Applewild. It is a bold and innovative tuition program that reflects our deeply held beliefs about who we are as an institution and how we can better serve the families who share our vision. We believe that education is an investment with far-reaching dividends for children, their families, our community, and our world. At Applewild, we seek bright, enthusiastic children who love to learn, and families who are committed to investing in an independent school education for their children. Beneficial to current and prospective families, this new program reinforces Applewild’s role as a leader in independent school best practices.

A Personalized Process for Applewild Families

Through Access Applewild’s personalized qualification process, families will be asked to pay a tuition level that is most appropriate to their unique circumstances. It’s a way of focusing on the contribution every family makes toward tuition and of recognizing that all families stretch to afford an Applewild education. There are three main parts to the qualification process for families choosing to be considered for Access Applewild. First, families will provide their individual financial profile to the confidential, objective third-party organization called Schools and Student Services. Second, families will supply complementary information that goes beyond the standard number crunching, thus providing them with an opportunity to share more about their specific circumstances. Third, and consistent with our School’s focus on communication and partnership, families are encouraged to meet personally with the Director of Admission to discuss circumstances that impact their family’s financial profile. When the process is complete, families will receive a re-enrollment contract that specifies their tuition.

A Partnership

We understand that an Applewild education is an investment and a serious financial decision for each family. We know that our families are making significant sacrifices in order to secure the lasting dividends of an Applewild education. We appreciate that families are stretching and, in partnership with them, we want to stretch too by offering a tuition that is responsive and responsible. For those families who may be unable to afford our School’s highest level of tuition, we are happy to discuss how the Access Applewild program may work for them. Most importantly, based on our research and modeling, the tuition families currently pay will not be adversely impacted by the Access Applewild program.  

Tuition Categories and Ranges

Tuition for each family will vary based on the family’s category (that is, the grade level of the student) and on the family’s financial circumstances. Families can expect their tuition to fall within the ranges specified below.

Category I              K                     $3,950 – $19,645

Category II            Gr. 1 – 3          $4,550 – $22,750

Category III          Gr. 4 – 5          $5,150 – $25,620

Category IV           Gr. 6-8            $5,550 – $27,685

In keeping with our mission and values as a School, and as further demonstration of our commitment to make an Applewild education accessible to as many qualified students as possible, the Board of Trustees has enthusiastically committed to a zero percent tuition increase at the the top end of each tuition category for the next two school years.  By freezing the top end of the tuition and adopting Access Applewild, we are affirming our commitment to current and future Applewild families.

Why Change Our Tuition Model? Because We Know Who We Are

Applewild is Formative. At Applewild we shape the mind and character of children who will become tomorrow’s engaged citizens. With Access Applewild, we have the opportunity to broaden the benefits of an Applewild education to more families, which, in turn, positively affects both our school and the greater community.

Applewild is Individualized. Applewild is not a one-size-fits-all place. Everyone is an individual whose different qualities and unique strengths contribute to the vibrancy of our community. Our admissions process has always been centered on getting to know families well and connecting with them in a personal way. In that same spirit, Access Applewild ensures that our tuition model reflects our deep commitment to a caring, individualized experience for both returning and new families.

Applewild is Innovative. We know more today about cognition and the different ways children learn than we did 20 or 30 years ago—and we teach differently because of it. Similarly, Access Applewild presents an opportunity to improve upon conventional tuition models of the past. We seek to be a leader in the field by changing the way we work with families and putting an Applewild education within reach of families who may not previously have considered it.

Applewild believes diversity of all kinds, including economic diversity, enriches the educational opportunity for all students and creates a healthy school and environment for learning.  We are committed to making our formative, individualized, and innovative education possible for bright, talented students from all economic backgrounds.