Head’s Holiday Message!

19 Dec

As I write this holiday greeting, I am inspired by the beautiful concerts and generous community support and giving of these past two weeks.  At this season, we are all flooded with advertisements that stress the pleasures of getting rather than giving.  Yet at that concert, watching our students give themselves fully to their music, I was reminded of the positive messages of the season.  Our students' outpouring of generosity through our community service programs, their largeness of spirit as they ended the fall athletic season, their delight in musical performances of all kinds, and their perseverance as they have made their way through these last weeks of school, have all been examples of the beneficence and warmth and hope that we cherish at the onset of winter.

We want our children to know that the deepest joy is solemn and often mysterious, that beauty often lies within the unattractive, and that hope is often born of despair.  To use the various images that permeate the season, we want them to feel the comfort of serenity and love, and to believe that the star over the stable door, or the light in the Temple, will shine steadily for them.  We hope that the story of the miracle of the temple lamp brings them hope that the world can be secure, and that the angels and animals, shepherds and kings united in love and worship are a promise for them that the world can be whole.  We hope for peace - and as we sang at last Friday morning's concert,

Peace be with you,
sure and true,
to light the darkness,
ever guiding you.
Peace be with you
and everyone,
in every land
under the sun.

So as we experience the death of the old year and the birth of the new, as the darkness ceases to dominate the light, I wish you all a time of hope, renewal, and joy:  hope for and in our children, renewal of commitment to and love for our families, and joy in the promise of our children and the future that is theirs.

With a grateful heart,
Christie Stover
Head of School