Applewild’s Basketball Teams at the Park School Hoopfest

08 Mar

Our varsity boys’ and girls’ basketball teams both had great showings this previous weekend at the Park SchoolHoopfest! The tournaments consisted of the Park School, Bancroft School, and Meadowbrook School, and they marked the end of basketball season at Applewild.   Throughout the season and into the final weekend of play, both teams – and all of the players – exhibited tremendous improvements and growth. 

Applewild is proud to congratulate the boys’ team for being given the tournament’s Sportsmanship award in addition to securing a second place finish.  Eighth grader Justin stated, “our defense and offense started to click after the first game and we played excellent defense, which led to us winning our last two games.”  Teammate Dante added, “our team chemistry improved as we played more tournament games and we all started playing even better.”  This is the second year in a row that Applewild has won the Sportsmanship award at Hoopfest - it is given to the team that best displays character, integrity, and fair play during the tournament. 

IMG_8242Although the girls’ team may have had a difficult day in terms of score, they certainly demonstrated Applewild’s Core Values through great effort and teamwork.  Eighth grader Phoebe reflected that throughout the whole season, “we all helped each other out every practice and every game.” Applewild’s Athletic Director, Kyle Gillis, stated that “what the boys’ and girls’ teams did at Hoopfest is what they have done all year - they played hard for a full game, gave great effort, played with lots of heart, and worked as a team.”

Applewild 8th grader ends his Applewild basketball career with a 200+ point season!

Applewild 8th grader ends his Applewild basketball career with a 200+ point season!