Applewild Lower School Students Create Community-Driven Art

27 Oct

On Friday, October 20th, Applewild’s kindergarten through fifth grade students celebrated a joyful conclusion to this fall’s Marshall Fund for the Creative Arts.  The Marshall Fund, established in 2001 by former Head of School Bill Marshall and his wife, Donna, a former Applewild art teacher, exists to inspire our community with artist-in-residence programs.  This month our community welcomed artist-in-residence, Sarah Haskell, of York, Maine.  Ms. Haskell develops individualized and unique workshops focused on collaborative, community-driven weaving. Through this residency, our kindergarten through fifth graders collaborated on the creation of a tapestry to be installed on campus – additionally, the tapestry was created on a loom built right here on campus in our woodshops!  Each child in the Lower School, with the wonderful guidance of Ms. Haskell, participated in the creation of the completed work of art.

Art Department Chair, Sara Sanford, noted during the exciting unveiling that as a community “We looked at our school and how much we love it, and we envisioned the things that make us a community.  We found ways to make our brains show what our hearts are feeling by using our hands.”  Ms. Haskell then thanked our faculty and staff and the Marshall Fund for giving her the opportunity to work with our community – with her biggest thanks going to our Lower School students specifically for their effort, cooperation, ability to listen closely to their friends’ ideas, and collaboration.  The importance of collaboration – one of our Core Values and our Lower School theme this school year – was intentionally woven into the fabric of this memorable residency.

When it was time for the student-driven unveiling, a group of students from first grade through fifth grade spoke in front of the audience, reflecting on their experience and participation in the project.  Each section of the three-piece tapestry represented the careful, detailed, and imaginative work of different grade levels, and each section was unveiled one at a time… and to lots of applause and excitement from our students, faculty, and family members.  This special community event was then followed by apple cider refreshments and delicious apple cider donuts from Red Apple Farm!  Additionally, we are excited to share that our March residency for kindergarten through eighth graders will be Sticks and Stones by Trashcan Lid Productions – check them out a!