Hunger Banquet & Dining Hall Fast Benefit Oxfam

21 Nov

Hunger Banquet & Dining Hall Fast Benefit Oxfam & Spread Awareness about Food Insecurity

A Tradition of Community Growth and Global Support and Awareness

“I feel grateful to have a choice to skip a meal,” stated Applewild 8th grader, Giselle.  This week, Giselle and approximately forty-five of her Upper School classmates voluntarily participated in an Oxfam fast to benefit the global organization and to continue to raise awareness about food insecurity.  In partnership with Applewild’s dining hall staff, the money saved through each participant’s forfeited lunchtime meal will be given directly to Oxfam.  The list of participants was provided to dining staff in advance of the fast to ensure that the cost to purchase food for that specific number of participants was instead set aside for Oxfam.  Since 1979, Applewild students have raised both awareness and resources to benefit Oxfam, which is “a global organization working to end the injustice of poverty” (  The Oxfam fast, food insecurity awareness programs, and other UNICEF fundraising efforts at Applewild have been led by Mr. Todd Goodwin, a long-time Applewild history teacher and current Applewild Social Studies Department Chair.

In speaking with the Upper School participants during the fast, Mr. Goodwin shared that “We are giving up our food to help someone who is hungry.  People all over the country will go without food today to help.”  During the discussion, several students shared their thoughts regarding the fast.  As sixth through eighth grade participants listened closely to one another, one student expressed her gratitude for being in a school environment that helps students understand local and global issues while also shedding light on and providing opportunities for students to actively assist.

Sixth Grade Hunger Banquet

In addition to the voluntary Oxfam fast, which comes at a time when we are thoughtfully reflecting on what we are thankful for, all sixth grade students recently participated in an Oxfam-inspired Hunger Banquet.  During the Banquet, students are split into three different groups – one group’s individuals can eat as much food from a variety of healthy options as they’d like, one group’s individuals receive a small portion of food and water (excluding any protein options), and one group’s individuals receive a single scoop of rice.  As the Banquet progresses, students are encouraged to wrestle with and question the concept of food insecurity and what steps they could take as individuals or as a group (at Applewild and beyond) to address the widespread issue.  At the end of the Banquet, all students then enjoy a hearty, healthy meal – and leave the experience with another, incredibly poignant frame of reference regarding the importance of being engaged, global citizens.  The focus of global citizenship in the Upper School continues in the Social Studies classroom through studying geography and world development, among many other key topics.  All Applewild students, however, focus on citizenship through the lens of our school’s Core Values – to be respectful, fair, responsible, compassionate, cooperative, honest, and civic-minded.

For more information about Oxfam and how it supports families globally, check out the following videos: Share a seed Zimbabwe