ERB Parent Interpretation Guides

10 Jan

Dear Parents / Guardians,

I am writing to share your child’s results from the ERB standardized tests that were administered this fall.   Applewild students in 3rd through 8th grade take the Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP IV). This test, developed by the Educational Records Bureau (ERB), is specifically designed to reflect the more accelerated curriculum of many independent schools, including Applewild.

We use the information provided by the CTP IV in several ways:  as an additional tool to understand the individual student’s areas of strength and those in which additional support would be helpful; to give students practice taking standardized tests; and, through the aggregate data provided, to identify trends and patterns within our curriculum and enhance the classroom experience and work as needed.  These tests also offer useful data to compare student performance and growth over time, individually and also compared to specifically normed student groups, including nationally as well as among independent schools.

While there is a range of scores that are considered typical or normal, historically our students perform well on these tests.  Our students align with the Independent School norms and consistently outperform the National norms, which is a testament to the benefit of an Applewild education.

It is important to emphasize, however, that the test scores represent performance on one particular test at one particular time in the student’s educational journey.  It cannot possibly measure, nor does it attempt to measure, our full curriculum.  It is but one small part of our overall comprehensive approach to understanding each child’s learning and grasp of ideas and concepts.  We believe that the strongest assessment of student learning always takes place in the context of the child’s work rather than in a standardized format.  Finally, these scores are not measures of curiosity, resilience, integrity, compassion, or motivation – skills and characteristics that are foundational to an Applewild education and lead to success in life.

Information that will assist in the understanding and interpretation of this information is available on our website at .   As you can see, these results offer detailed information; however, they may also generate additional questions.   If you do have questions or would like further information, I encourage you to connect with your Division Head or me.

Warm regards,
Christie Stover
Head of School