iRobot Corporation Visits Applewild School

08 Feb

This week, Applewild welcomed Adam Cantor from iRobot Corporation Mr. Cantor spoke with eighth grade students about the non-profit Robots in Service of the Environment (RSE), and then headed to the Lower School to present to the fourth and fifth graders. Adam’s visit with our eighth graders tied in with Mrs. Chamas’ current science course of study on invasive species. The students learned about the underwater robots RSE has designed to control the invasive lionfish population in the Atlantic Ocean. As the Principal Robotics Engineer for RSE, Mr. Cantor shared the story of how RSE got started along with the many lessons learned as the prototype was being built.

At the Lower School, students learned about how Mr. Cantor became excited about and began exploring technology and robots in the 4th grade!  The students were able to see the robots in action and learn about how some of the technology works inside them.  Our Lower School students also had the chance to ask questions of Mr. Cantor – their questions were insightful and showed what great listeners they were during Mr. Cantor’s presentation!