World Geography and Global Awareness

14 Feb

Applewild seventh graders complete a year-long, comprehensive study of world geography as an important part of our school’s Social Studies curriculum.  We believe in helping students to acquire a strong sense of global awareness – because we live in a changing world, we are committed to growing collaborative, reflective, and civic-minded students who strive to grow their awareness of local and global communities during and after their time at Applewild.  We intentionally study geography beginning in the Lower School at Applewild, and in particular our Core Value of being civic-minded is meaningfully tied into students’ study of geography.  Through a focus on world geography, we strive to ensure that students are aware of and concerned about global well-being – with knowledge of our world, students can begin to understand the importance of being civic-minded, reflective, and collaborative in both thought and action.

In support of the geography portion of our school’s Social Studies curriculum (and in another fun way to enrich students’ experiences!), Applewild’s fourth through eighth grade students participate in a Geography Bee sponsored by the National Geographic Society.  This past month and after a series of in-class GeoBee rounds in each class throughout the early part of the school year, ten students (two each in grades four through eight) participated in a top ten finalist competition.  Congratulations to the students who received a certificate for participating in the final ten!

Additionally, we also recognized one Lower School GeoBee winner and one Upper School winner (also our all-school Geobee winner!)  Our all-school winner has since completed an online test of 70 geographic questions to see if he can compete at the Massachusetts State Geography Bee to be held in April at Elms College in Chicopee!