Applewild’s First and Fourth Students Visit Fitchburg Head Start

27 Apr

On Thursday, Applewild’s first and fourth grade students made their final community service trip of the school year to the Fitchburg Head Start program on South Street. This program is a division of the Montachusett Opportunity Council (MOC) and provides high quality early childhood education to local families in need.

Applewild students enjoy classroom visits, in which they select special books to read aloud to the school’s preschoolers.   On the final visit, Applewild students bring the gift of a wrapped picture book for each Head Start student. The books were purchased with help from Applewild’s Parents’ Association. The excitement is palpable as the youngest students receive these special gifts — their very own books to enjoy at home!

At Applewild, we emphasize the importance of our Core Values and Core Competencies daily in our teaching. We take time to talk with our students about and model for them the importance of thinking of others and giving back to the community. This community outreach program teaches some of our youngest students that taking time to share by reading is an important way of giving back to the greater good of our community.

These visits are mutually beneficial for the Applewild and Head Start students.  They increase volunteerism and literacy for the Head Start children, while giving Applewild students the opportunity to practice their oral reading skills and spend time with younger children. Watching the first and fourth graders read with expression and fluency is a wonderful sight.  The young preschool students are fascinated by their reading buddies and work to listen intently to each word on every page. The time spent together is special indeed, with students from both schools enjoying one another’s company. We are thankful to the MOC program and all of the teachers at The Fitchburg Head Start for warmly welcoming us into their school.

“Building the foundation of our academic success of our youth.”


By Bailey Shea, Micaela Caiozzo, & Jenn Buck