Joyeux anniversaire aux canards et aux oïes !

06 Jun

The Science and French classes, with Madame Niose and Mrs. Lent, worked together to raise ducklings and goslings from eggs. This experience was in coordination with the science study of life cycles and metamorphosis la métamorphose. We incubated eggs (les oeux) from Cayuga ducks and American Buff geese from Madame Niose’s barn. We candled the eggs with Mrs. Harrington’s expert assistance, looking to see what was living inside the young eggs. We rotated the eggs in the incubator several times daily over the course of a month, increasing their humidity levels as needed. We logged the number of rotations and observations in a journal and we watched carefully for signs of growth especially during the last days. Birth days were celebrated last week with five ducklings, and three goslings were born this past weekend. The science room is lively with cheeping and students observing and gently petting the birds.