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Affordability at Applewild

Access Applewild: Tuition within Reach

Applewild continues to be a leader among independent schools in seeking to be more  accessible to families — particularly middle-income families — who often feel overlooked by independent schools. One way we approach this is through Access Applewild, a process which allows families to apply for reduced tuition. Another way is by purposely making tuition more affordable in our younger grades, when families are in an earlier phase of their professional careers and may be stretched financially. In addition, we have specific scholarships.

Access Applewild is a responsive and responsible approach to tuition.  

Access Applewild reflects our deeply held beliefs about who we are as an institution and how we can better serve the families who share our vision that education is an investment with far-reaching dividends for children, families, and communities.

At Applewild, we seek bright, enthusiastic children who love to learn, and families who are committed to investing in an independent school education for their children. Through Access Applewild, these families can apply for reduced tuition based on their financial circumstances. We expect each family to contribute financially to their child's education, and many families pay the full cost of tuition, but we also realize that investing in an Applewild education is a stretch for many families. Through Access Applewild, families pay anywhere from 20% - 90% of full tuition. If you are as committed to investing in your child’s education as we are, we invite and encourage you to apply.

Learn more about Qualifying for Access Applewild.  If you want to speak with us about affordability at Applewild, please inquire.

Applewild Tuition for the 2019-2020 school year:

Kindergarten at Devens
Kindergarten Main Campus
First Grade $16,500
Second Grade $19,500
Third Grade $19,500
Fourth and Fifth Grades $22,000
Sixth through Eighth Grades $23,500

We believe that diversity of all kinds, including economic diversity, enriches the education we provide for all of our students. It creates a healthy environment for learning and school community.  We are committed to making our formative, individualized, and innovative education possible for bright, talented students from all economic backgrounds.

Our specific, confidential, and individualized process:

  1. If you haven’t already spoken with us, please inquire. We won’t be able to tell you what your family contribution would be at Applewild until you’ve completed a Parents’ Financial Statement, but we would be happy to speak with you about whether investing in an Applewild education would be right for your family.
  2. Complete a Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS). If you are applying for admission into Applewild, and are interested in applying for reduced tuition through Access Applewild, please start here. After creating an account, you will be prompted to complete a PFS and upload supporting documents, as well as including any extenuating circumstances that might make it difficult for your family to afford Applewild.
  3. We will determine what we think your family’s contribution should be, and we will let you know at the same time we send out admissions decisions.

Applewild Scholarships

Applewild School offers the opportunity for bright and motivated prospective students entering grades four through seven for the upcoming 2019-20 school year to apply for the following scholarships:

Applecore Scholarships

AppleCore Scholarships are available to prospective students entering grades four through seven. Scholarships are offered to students of exceptional academic promise, who also demonstrate strong character and good citizenship, reflective of our Core Values. Scholarships are awarded in Middlesex County, Worcester County, and New Hampshire, and they range from $1,000 to $10,000, in addition to the financial assistance provided through our regular Access Applewild program.

If you are interested in pursuing this competitive scholarship opportunity for your student(s), please contact Jen Raterman, Admission Office Manager in our admission office at 978-342-6053 ext. 111.  Or, join us on November 4th for our upcoming Open House.

The following scholarships will be awarded to students with demonstrated need who apply through our regular admission process:

The C.T. Crocker Scholarship

The C.T. Crocker Scholarship, established in 1968, is awarded to a Fitchburg student applying for sixth grade who has demonstrated outstanding ability and promise.  The recipient of this grant is assured of this 95% tuition scholarship continuing through eighth grade as long as the student’s academic record and general performance remain at the satisfactory level and continued financial need is demonstrated.

The Jennifer Martin Cloutier ‘83 Scholarship

The newly established Jennifer Martin Cloutier ’83 Scholarship seeks to assist a student entering the sixth, seventh or eighth grade with demonstrated financial need.  The recipient will be a high achiever in English Language Arts and possess strong writing skills. Jennifer Martin Cloutier ’83 and her husband, David Cloutier, are delighted to establish this new scholarship.  Jennifer notes, “It was as an Applewild student that I first learned about the importance of public service and civic responsibility. Throughout my life, I have relied on the lessons I learned there. I am grateful for the dedicated teachers and strong foundation I received at Applewild, and I would not be who I am today without them.  Through the scholarship program, we are able to give back and make the Applewild experience a reality for future generations.”

Click here for a complete list of Applewild Scholarships. The school is grateful to all who have over the years helped to create these opportunities for families to access Applewild.

“All three of my sons - Robby, Chris, and Shane - have been fortunate to attend Applewild School.  My sons would not have been able to attend Applewild without the support of the AppleCore Scholarship and the School’s financial aid programs. At Applewild, my family found education the way it is supposed to be - my sons were exposed to art, instrumental and choral music, theater, science, sports, and an integrated, rigorous curriculum."

Jim and Alice Jellison, parents of Robby, 2006; Chris, 2009; and Shane, 2018

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