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Andrew Wexler ‘67

Drs. Andy and Geri WexlerCurrent Work:

Andrew has been a plastic surgeon who specializes in craniofacial and pediatric plastic surgery for the past 24 years. He spends a part of every year lecturing and leading Operation Smile, international surgical teams in developing countries repairing children with facial deformities. Over the years he has worked in Kenya, Morocco, Brazil, Ecuador, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia and India.


  • Phillips Academy – Andover
  • Dartmouth College – AB Philosophy and Greek Studies
  • Boston University – MA in Physiology & MD Degree
  • University of Massachusetts – Five years of Surgical Residency Training
  • UCLA – Two years in Plastic Surgery


  • Kaiser Permanente Physicians Exceptional Contribution (Physician of the Year) Award (1997)
  • Angels on Earth Foundation: Angel of Mercy Award for work on children in the developing world (2002)
  • Everyday Heroes Kaiser Permanente recognition for volunteer work in developing countries (2003)

Television Credits:

  • CNN News, Segment Operation Smile, Hanoi, Vietnam (1999)
  • Discovery Health Channel, Medical Diary, Andy’s Story (1999)
  • The Learning Channel, Personal Stories (2001)
  • Discovery Health Channel, Plastic Surgery Before and After (2002)
  • Discovery Health Channel, Stories from the ER (2004)

Applewild Experience:
When I went to Applewild, we wore jackets and ties from seventh grade on. We addressed our teachers as Sir and Ma’am and there was an emphasis on civility and manners (Mrs. Doe in particular!) which became ingrained in my dealings with others. Today, I work throughout the world with people of other cultures and in the US with large organizations. I find that character trait instilled in me during my elementary school years has served me well in communicating with others of all nations.

Favorite Applewild memories:
Back in the day, on the upside of the Crocker House, was an orchard set on a hillside. On winter afternoons we would take our wooden skis and a bunch of bamboo poles and set a slalom course through the trees and down the hill. The course rutted easily and there were many obstacles but our class was full of first class skiers so no lives were lost.


Mr. Fenn taught me to juggle while he tutored me in algebra. I still retain the skill!

Mr. Hunt made me the science lab assistant. This gave me access to the science lab storeroom which was full of wonderful biologic specimens in bottles. I was fascinated by them and I am sure that had something to do with my going into medicine.

Applewild Impact:
Today I live in Los Angeles which is a very large city. Applewild was a small school in a small town where I knew the same 14-20 kids in my class from fourth to ninth grade. There is something comforting about that experience of a small town New England background which makes one appreciate personal relationships and a sense of belonging to an area. One is hard pressed to feel the same way in LA!

Posted: October 13, 2009

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