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Carey Tinkelenberg ’98

care tinkelenberg skating


  • Concord Academy
  • Carleton College (BA Psychology)


  • U.S. Figure Skating Double Gold Medalist
  • ISI Gold/World Judge

Current work:
Those who knew me at Applewild know that I’ve always been one to juggle the many things I care about and to try to create a life balance that includes all of them. I currently have a few roles. Mainly, I’m the Founding Owner, Executive Director, and Head Coach of the NorthfieldSkatingSchool, a community figure skating program I established in the city where I went to college. I operate the business, develop our great staff team, organize outreach programs and community events, and coach kids and adults ages four through senior citizens. I founded NSS in 2005 as and have been in charge of growing and developing it ever since. We grew 450% in our first three years and last year we were named Model Program by SKATING magazine!

I also write for SKATING magazine and travel to give presentations on behalf of U.S. Figure Skating, and I’m involved in many local music and art non-profits in the twin cities area as a volunteer.

Until this fall, I worked as a Clinical Interviewer at the MN Center for Twin and Family Research, a behavior genetics twin study at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. It was an interesting job and I was able to use my psychology degree, but I left the position to be involved in skating-related work full time. For a while I also worked as a Project Manager in the Carleton College Cognitive Laboratory, where I conducted research with Dr. Kathleen Galotti that was published in The American Journal of Psychology last quarter.

Earlier this year I began pairs skating, and I’m now training with my skating partner, Peter Biver, for the upcoming U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships. It’s feels great to be skating again, though training with a full-time job is quite a different kind of thing than it was when I was younger!

Favorite Applewild memories:
Many of them! Spending afternoons in the art studios with the Art Mentor program, learning Hands Across Time in Mr. Goodwin’s class, Mr. Jones’ hilarious commentary during our upper school history classes, playing field hockey. Also, as nerdy as it sounds (I was kind of a nerd at Applewild), studying over the phone for Mrs. Schwartz’ difficult science tests with my classmates Lana Chisholm and Debbie Linder.

This is going to be tough to narrow down… Mr. Goodwin and Mr. Jones in the history department, Mr. Rabideau, my instructor and mentor in ceramics and yearbook staff, Mrs. Kahan who always challenged me in math, Mrs. Schwartz who first introduced me to the scientific method and how to conduct research properly, and of course Mr. Chamas, our beloved French teacher.

Applewild Impact:
I came out of Applewild with a broad range of academic skills and interests, as well as a persistent work ethic and a belief that I was capable of tackling any challenge. This has served me well in my academic and professional life. Teachers at Applewild taught us how to write, how to study, how to question. Applewild had high expectations coupled with a large degree of support, and teachers who challenged and empowered us to reach our full potential. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to grow in such an environment and I am grateful for the quality of mentorship and instruction I experienced at Applewild. These are values I consider central to my present roles as coach, manager, and small business owner.

Posted: February 2, 2010

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