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Chad Richard ‘86


  • Northfield Mount Hermon
  • University of Wisconsin: Major: Japanese & Economics

chad3Current Work:
In 1997 as part of selling a business that I started with some friends we moved from Wisconsin to San
Francisco. Landing in San Francisco just as the web was taking off ended up being a really fun and exciting period. I still live in San Francisco and I am very happily married with a delightful daughter who is a year and a half old and we have another child due in April. I have been working at Apple for two and a half years after selling my last business and taking a little time off for some travel. At Apple I have been focused on web services for the iPhone and iPad which has been a really fun opportunity. I am also an avid time-lapse photographer (www.timelapsing.com) and have an artisanal Pinot Noir-focused wine label called Furthermore Wines (www.FurthermoreWines.com).

chad2Favorite Applewild Memories:
There are so many great memories that all sort of blur together from my time at Applewild. Some of the hi-lights that swirl through my mind include lacrosse practices, recess, Harvest Days, Green versus White and school dances. I do remember starting at Applewild and knowing that it was unlike any other school that I had attended. You knew you were part of something special; it made you feel like you wanted to live up to that greatness.

There were so many great teachers at Applewild. The teachers were what made Applewild special. Jarvis Hunt helped ignite my thirst for knowledge, Betty Reheiser exemplified kindness and Ned Witte helped me stay on the right path. I feel really fortunate that I was able to be influenced by such high quality people.

chad1Applewild Impact:
I always believed that my time at Applewild prepared me well for the rigor, engagement and diversity that you experience at great prep schools. Applewild provided an amazing foundation for a well balanced, meaningful and focused life. Coming of age in an environment where inspirational teachers helped you learn to think on your own while coexisting in a great community helped me have a strong sense of focus and optimism that have served me very well.

Posted: March 30, 2011

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