Marc Gottesman ’93

Marc currently lives in the Boston banlieu of Arlington with his wife, Danielle, and their two kids. He notes, “I tend to garden, play squash, and do New York Times crossword puzzles quite a bit.” He explains that his list of hobbies is much too long to share but he extends an invitation to all to reach out to him regarding careers or just to catch up! —


Phillips Academy in Andover, MA
Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN


Marc is a copywriter by trade and currently works at Digitas, an ad agency in Boston, as the Marc Gottesman 1993Group Creative Director.  He oversees the General Motors account and manages GMC’s and Buick’s digital work.

When asked why he chose this line of work, he replied, “Because organic chemistry was my nemesis! And honestly, I’m more than half serious about this. I actually gave a talk at The Creative Circus a few years ago about this. How organic chemistry drove me to advertising. Basically, I had always thought I’d be a doctor; I’ve always loved science since Mrs. Marino’s Applewild class where we dissected frogs, dropped sodium into water, and squeezed a hard-boiled egg through the narrow mouth of a jar. When my college studies became about memorizing chemical reactions, I coincidentally discovered art history, which is all about studying ideas and the people who came up with them. Fast forward to today where my job is purely a pursuit of new and interesting ideas.” Marc recalls that he found his love of science at Applewild which ultimately had some direct impact on his chosen career.  He adds, “Mrs. Marino for drawing me closer to science so I would later be repelled by it! Without science, I wouldn’t be where I am.”


My two greatest accomplishments are named Oliver and Penny. They are six and four, respectively. At a VERY close second, my 8th grade Shop Award, bequeathed to me by Tony Stancato for the later-to-be-mentioned, electric guitar that I built.  Aside from those, the advertising awards, teaching opportunities, and appointments are ancillary.

Favorite Applewild Teachers/Subjects:

Mrs. Marino, for instilling a love of science which ultimately lead to the discovery of his true passions and career path. Jarvis Hunt, for making us feel as though we were being given a Natural History Museum tour every day. Mr. Jones (!!!) for teaching us that history was more than just something to memorize; rather, it was about stories and narratives throughout cultures and time. But above all, shop class was my favorite. And with it comes, of course, the great Tony Stancato, for helping me fabricate my visions for my 8th grade electric guitar project! (I could do this all day…)

Applewild Memories:

Harvest Fair haystack! I remember getting to search through it every year to find pieces of candy. Man, oh man… That was THE BEST. Mr. Mullins’ spontaneous (and somewhat unsanctioned?) field trips. I couldn’t believe that’s what school could be! And I always always always remember that Stairway to Heaven was the last song played at every school dance.


Posted: March 24, 2015

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