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Tara Tersigni ‘00


  • Deerfield Academy ‘03
  • Southern Methodist University ‘07

Current Work:
I am currently at CBS Television Distribution in Los Angeles, where I work in Programming and Development (we create and then oversee new formats to be shown on the network and/or various outlets).

Favorite Applewild Memories:
There are so many Applewild memories it’s quite hard to name just one or even a few… Here’s one I have: There was a certain point in the winter when Mr. Goodwin, Mr. Stancato, and some others would flood the old tennis court right in front of where Pre-Primary/Kindergarten used to be and turn it into an ice skating rink!! All grades were allowed to come down after school and skate their hearts out. It was so much fun; even the parents would come and sometimes join us as well!!

Some other fond memories are going to the Harvest Fair with my sister and the Lamberts, my eighth grade trip to France (my first trip to Europe), and lots of memories on the fields and in the gym playing basketball.

Every teacher at Applewild made an impact on me, whether it was with some tough love or a tender hug when I needed it. To name a few: Monsieur Chamas & Mademoiselle Beard (Madame Blake) who both kick-started my love of languages as I went on to study French, Spanish, and was an Italian minor in college; Mr. Clark who was not only a great teacher but also a great friend (and awesome DJ!); Mr. Mullins who never let me think it was impossible for a girl to be picked first for teams during recess in a touch football match (yes, peak tomboy stage); Mrs. Cragin, Mrs. Sawyer, Mrs. Quail and Mrs. Tower – my first Applewild teachers who molded me into the student I grew up to be; Mr. Goodwin and his plays; Mr. S and shop class (no one believes I once wood burned anything); and Ms. Bevelander, Mr. Walker, and Mr. Jones for being supportive coaches. And to Mr. Marshall who told me I had to go to Deerfield… he was absolutely right.

Applewild Impact:
Applewild School is my foundation. You have your parents first and then your schools that really teach you the lessons you need to grow and succeed in life. Applewild, for me, was that first lesson.

Posted: June 9, 2011

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