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Jeanne Crocker ’06

Second Recipient of the Founders Award – 2006

The Crocker Family Celebrates Jeanne’s Award

  • She was an active member on the Finance Committee for many years.
  • She has instilled great values and perspective in our Applewild community.
  • She believes in equality and has been a prime advocate for more diversity at Applewild.
  • She is genuinely respected for her leadership and service by all who served with her.
  • Genuine love and interest in Applewild today!

Jeanne has been a loyal and faithful volunteer to Applewild for over 42 years.  Her commitment, guidance, and leadership have been a true gift to Applewild.


In Jay Crocker we observe warmth, good humor, absence of pretense, generosity and a smile that says, “I care about you,” all served up with great vitality. She is an extraordinary combination of Intellect, Conscience and Imagination – three qualities we often meet singly, but seldom together and rarely in such balance. She enjoys the love and admiration of the entire Applewild community.” – Al Stone, Honorary Trustee


“Jay Crocker is a class act in every way. She is so understated that she doesn’t get the credit she deserves. She is thoughtful, dedicated and always helpful, but what I remember most is her values! She was the conscience of the Applewild Board, always reminding us to be true to our principles.” – Ronald Ansin, HonoraryTrustee


Few can match the friendship and devotion you have shown as a Parent, a Trustee and recently as an Honorary Trustee. Since your first election to the Board in 1964, you have been a true and steady friend to Applewild, investing your time, efforts, treasures in the school’s future. Your cheerful participation in our activities and your wise counsel have inspired the many of us who love Applewild.” – David Stone ‘73, President of the Board

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