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Scott Foster ’65


Laverack Award Receipient 2008

Remarks by Kimberly Ansin ’77,
Chair of the Alumni Council

“I’d like to warmly welcome Scott’s wife, Sarah, and his two children, Mindy and Ted, back to Applewild. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Kim Ansin Blanchard. I graduated from Applewild in 1977, and now have two children here, Nick and Kurt in the fifth and sixth grades respectively. I am also a member of the Applewild Alumni Council, and for that reason, get to introduce my friend Scott Foster, recipient of the Sixth Laverack Family Alumni Award. Scott, I have to tell you, this is really a privilege for me.

Scott has served us here at Applewild for many, many years. A member of the class of 1965, he joined the Applewild Board of Trustees in 1981 and served for a total of 20 years! He was the President of the Applewild Board from 1996 through 1999, and served as an officer of the board, in one capacity or another from 1982 through 1999. As my own kids would tell you, that is a lot of meetings! Scott came back on the Applewild Board from 2005 through 2007 when we really needed his expertise and his institutional memory. And I am so glad that he did! As a new trustee in 2005, I learned a great deal from Scott at every meeting. Scott speaks quietly and clearly. He has a knack for getting right to the heart of even the most complicated problems, and then can explain them, and the possible solutions thereto with clarity and simplicity.

I recently rode in a fundraising event for the American Cancer Society with Scott and his wife, Sarah. There too, I watched Scott quietly, modestly “do his thing”… quietly doing some good, and supporting yet another important cause… encouraging everyone around him, and making it seem easy.

That has been my impression of Scott, he works quietly, and often behind the scenes, doing good, using his knowledge and experience to help Applewild and many other organizations succeed and be better. And perhaps most importantly, he gently shows us how to do the same.”


Remarks by Scott Foster ‘65

“Thank you, thank you all for this great honor – the Laverack Family Alumni Award.  I am enjoying the moment…..looking out at my family, fellow alumni, the Applewild faculty, staff, students and trustees.
As you have learned, I have been a part of the Applewild community since 1963, when I entered the seventh grade, graduating in 1965; being asked back as Alumni Trustee in 1981; becoming President of the Board; retiring in 1999; and then being asked back to offer help in a time of change for two years ending in 2007. I will admit to still driving by the campus occasionally to make sure all is well.

Without reservation, and obviously, I like Applewild and the people I have gotten to know and become friends with through these years. I have seen many faces of our school – being a student, being Trustee helping design and run the business of the school, being parent of two students. I find it interesting and even a bit curious to receive the Alumni Award when I was a student for only three years and a volunteer other than that for 25  years. Over the latter 25 years I was a part of the school’s transition from its adolescence to the solid institution I find all around the campus and in your faces.
Another fact, I happened upon getting ready for today, on the school website under Alumni were the prior five Laverack Family Alumni Award recipients: John Chittick, Patsy Simonds Taylor, Megan Camp, Laure Aubuchon and Jennifer Sarja: graduates spanning from the class of 1963 to 1988. All five are impressive and truly interesting people. And that caught my attention: clear evidence that Applewild is succeeding.

Reading the thoughts given by these five earlier recipients, and reflecting on my own involvement at Applewild, and my other community activities, a few thoughts became clear: Applewild has a core ideal of teaching the value of giving freely of our time to our community. There are endless ways to get involved – just review the activities of the recipients of this award. From these activities we gain balance, depth and strength.

This all begins with each of us finding a passion: be it music, writing, backpacking in the wild or a sport. This is the first step toward achievement. Passion changes a person in a positive way, making the impossible, achievable!
Learning to listen is a major challenge for most of us. The skill of being able to listen to others is a lifelong pursuit with tremendous rewards. I have found with friends, family, business, in my time here at Applewild, being able to listen led to success: even tolerance. I use the phrase; “Monologues in Duet”, especially toward myself, when I find no readily found comprehension. Monologues in Duet…

A final point that has long been a part of my interests, is Leadership. Leading relates to yourself and to other people. If you lead and push yourself to new ideas and challenges, taking on risk, even criticism, you will prosper. Make mistakes and learn from them. The willingness and ability to lead our community is more important each day. Practice trying the unknown and practice leading.”

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