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Lower School Physical Education



Applewild’s Core Values and Core Competencies are reinforced throughout the school’s physical education and athletic programs. Working collaboratively, respectfully, and demonstrating good sportsmanship are emphasized in both our Lower and Upper School program.

Our students are moving every day. Between buildings, up and down hills, and during our daily recess. Applewild students move! All students (K – 8) have recess every day. Unstructured recess in all grades allows for sledding in winter, pick-up games of soccer and football, basketball and swinging and climbing. Although not a part of the formal PE curriculum, recess delivers important opportunities for gross motor development, socialization and exercise.

Lower School Physical Education (PE)

Beginning in Kindergarten, our PE program is designed to introduce skills to promote fitness, improve body control, spacial awareness and motor skills, and encourage collaboration and good sportsmanship. Activities for Lower School students range from hopping, skipping, throwing, and catching in Kindergarten to learning game strategies and sport-specific skills in Fourth and Fifth grades. With our own school garden on campus, students learn about the connectivity between nutritious, healthy foods and physical fitness. Applewild’s 26 acre campus and 3 playing fields are surrounded by hundreds of acres of conservation and wildlife sanctuary land, putting Applewild in a unique position of having access to miles of hiking trails. Additional Lower School PE activities include:

  • Ball-handling skills
  • Games
  • Track and field activities
  • Archery
  • Soccer
  • Field Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Lacrosse
Lower School Intramurals

In additional to PE classes, Fourth and Fifth graders participate in Friday afternoon intramurals. A fun way to socialize with friends and practice skills from their regular PE class, Friday afternoon intramurals is a beloved tradition at Applewild. Growing bodies and developing skills are stretched in seasonal sports. Intramural sports include co-ed soccer, field hockey, basketball, and lacrosse. Teamwork and respect are the goals of our intramural sports program. There are also the highly valued Green & White games in the fall and spring Field Day. Beginning in fourth grade, students are assigned to either the Green Team or the White Team, with membership consistent within a family and passed down the generations!


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