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Characteristics of a Student-Centered School

08 Jul

Spark a Revolution in Your Child's Education

Exploring a Student-Centered School

WHY we do what we do at Applewild School:

It’s simple. Our graduates obtain a life-long love for learning and are confident in the pursuit of their passions. We are experts and leaders in K-8 education - the foundation we provide in the elementary and middle school years ensures that our students can become entrepreneurs, educators, musicians, doctors, scientists… the sky is the limit. And most importantly, our students become leaders and respectful citizens of our world.

Take a peek at what the Sentinel and Enterprise wrote about our students.

They leave Applewild and excel in schools such as Concord Academy, Groton School, and Fitchburg High Honors Academy – ultimately, they have ingrained within them the ability to persevere as confident scholars and people.

HOW we do what we do at Applewild School:

We know our students well.  We are experts in guiding students to become independent thinkers who are actively engaged in specific and creative learning processes.

Interested? Take a deep dive and learn more about our Class of 2016 and the secondary school process

We know the elementary years – especially for rising fourth and fifth graders who are ready to be leaders – are instrumental in a child’s social, emotional, and academic development.

Don't take our word for it. Listen to what fifth-grader Guilia says of her time at Applewild

At Applewild, our students learn for life, not for standardized testing.


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