Growing Character

“We help kids build character by being present in their everyday lives.” – Erica Hager, Head of the Upper School

Who you are matters.  Character matters.  Erica Hager, our Head of the Upper School, says that “It’s the everyday interactions we have with our students that matter.  These include deliberate guidance and processing of our interactions as humans.  We know each student as a person and as a learner.”  Character building and character education at Applewild are woven into the fabric of our school community through actual experiences and through natural, teachable moments that arise each day – in the classrooms, on the athletic fields, and on the stage.  Our Core Values – to be respectful, fair, responsible, compassionate, cooperative, honest, and civic-minded – are intentionally integrated across students’ academic and extracurricular experiences at Applewild. 

Learning to learn.  Building character.  Growing confidence. 

“At Applewild, my daughter is challenged to grow and encouraged to ask questions,” says Maria Vazquez, mom of an Applewild sixth grader.  Our students have a wide range of interests and ways in which they learn, and our talented teachers know how to engage all of them.  Maria notes that “Teachers really, really care about my daughter - they know her really well, and they know who she is and what she likes.”  Students grow here, and they are stretched in an environment that challenges and nurtures each individual.  We grow students’ academic skills and their interpersonal skills – Applewild students are respectful, have strong moral compasses, know who they are as learners, and have high degrees of emotional intelligence.  We are experts in elementary and middle school education and childhood development in these truly formative years, and we grow each student in preparation for his or her unique future and path.

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