Growing Each Individual

The Applewild Experience is Powerful. 

Our curriculum dives deeply into math, science, social studies, English, sports and physical education, world languages, art, woodworking, public speaking, theater, research skills, and choral and instrumental music.  Our Core Values and our Core Competencies act as intentional guides for our teaching and learning.  Each day, our teachers deliver a distinguished, well-rounded, cross-curricular educational experience which nurtures and grows our community and each individual.  These student-centered approaches to teaching empower students, nurture their interests, and ensure they are all known.

How Do We Focus on Each Individual?

We intentionally employ research-based educational strategies and teaching practices which ensure that students experience individual growth, and which provide students with the powerful experience of being part of a community.  Below are a few of many deliberate ways in which we help students grow:

Family Style Lunch:  Research shows us the importance of sharing meals with children – whether they are our own, or our students.  As indicated by The Family Dinner Project, “Sharing a family meal is good for the spirit, the brain and the health of all family members” (  Each day, all students and teachers enjoy our Family Style Lunch tradition.  During lunch, we guide conversations and manners, we laugh and connect – but most importantly, we listen.  Family Style Lunch empowers us to grow our community and our connections with individual students.

Responsive Classroom in Our Lower School:  In kindergarten through fifth grade, all teachers utilize and are trained in Responsive Classroom, which is “…An evidence-based approach to teaching that focuses on engaging academics, positive community, effective management, and developmental awareness” (  Our Responsive Classroom approach to teaching aligns with our integrated curriculum, our Core Values and Core Competencies, and our belief that knowing students and families well is foundational to what we do each day.

Advising Program in Our Upper School:  In grades six through eight, our Advising Program continues the important work of supporting us in knowing our students and their families well.  In their work with students, Advisors are guided by our Core Values and Core Competencies.  Character education is woven into the daily fabric of life in both the Upper and Lower Schools, and growing and nurturing respect is central to the Applewild experience.  Faculty Advisors closely monitor the academic, social, emotional, and overall wellbeing of each advisee, thoughtfully partnering with teaching colleagues and students’ parents to ensure student success.

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