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Why Applewild?

Our Community - What defines it?

A tangible culture of respect and compassion is a hallmark of the Applewild community, fostering an environment that immediately interests and engages new students and their families. Each day, our intentional, creative approach to teaching and learning empowers our teachers and students to consistently build on our Core Competencies – to be reflective, think critically, communicate, create, persevere, and collaborate.  Our K-8 curricular and co-curricular offerings serve a variety of student interests and strengths and are carefully designed to prepare students for success in secondary school and in life.

We know our students well - Why does that make a difference?

Knowing our students well is fundamental to what we do each day.  Because we know our students, they are inspired to work hard, challenge themselves, act kindly, be thoughtful friends to their peers, and contribute to the positive climate of the school. As a result, they succeed academically, athletically, artistically, and socially.  Our Responsive Classroom approach to teaching in our Lower School, and our extensive advising program in our Upper School, promote this palpable climate of being known and valued. This positive learning environment, coupled with our commitment to a strong parent/guardian partnership, enables students to thrive.

Our Students - Who are they? 

  • Share a common bond - a love for learning;
  • Bring their best selves to school each day and are eager to learn;
  • Are curious, motivated, and engaged learners;
  • Demonstrate respect for self, others, and our environment;
  • Form a highly intelligent, creative community of diverse learners;
  • Enjoy participating in and being affirmed within a close-knit community;
  • Are open to new experiences and say “yes” to opportunities;
  • Thrive in an environment where collaboration among peers and teachers is valued;
  • Display personal integrity;
  • Have families that value education, partner with us, and share our dedication to their children.

Applewild - There is a difference. Why choose Applewild?


Our core K – 8 program focuses on students aged 4-15, with the underlying belief that students in this age range are eager to learn and to begin to emerge as leaders.  Applewild School provides a safe environment in which adults have high expectations for students and inspire them.   Families choose Applewild because they want a bright future for their children, and they believe in the Core Values that resound here – being respectful, fair, responsible, compassionate, cooperative, honest, and civic-minded.  Our rich educational environment is informed by teachers who value each individual, work collaboratively to challenge and support their students, and are eager to inspire students’ love of learning.

From Latin to woodworking, from traditional subjects to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics), from the classroom to athletics, students are engaged in a carefully balanced, purposeful, and challenging curriculum that results in creative, critical thinkers.  From our traditional family-style lunches to our abundance of interconnected offerings, immersion in daily life at Applewild creates engaged, confident, responsible young people ready to pursue new challenges and make a difference in the world.


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