At the start of each day, students have a morning Advising period before they head off to their classes, which are challenging and engaging and that meet them where they are as learners. Our teachers delight in working with students this age. Over the course of any given day, they have meaningful interactions with these young people in the classrooms and hallways, over a meal together at lunchtime, and on the athletic fields.

The social and emotional life of students this age, as they enjoy the delights and challenges of adolescence, is attended to carefully through the relationships they build with the adults around them. The Advising curriculum includes leadership skills, decision making, being a responsible digital citizen, and reflection and goal setting, and many other topics and skills important at this age.

Our advisory program ensures that students are truly known well, and faculty advisors closely follow the academic, social, and emotional development of his or her advisees—we believe this is integral to the success and happiness of each student.