What is the AppleCore Scholarship?

The AppleCore scholarship program is aimed at admitting students of exceptional academic promise who also demonstrate strong character and good citizenship, reflective of the core values at Applewild School. AppleCore Scholarships will be awarded to students entering fourth through seventh grades.

AppleCore grants, ranging from $1,000 to $6,000, will be awarded to top applicants. The Access Applewild reduced tuition program is also available for all qualifying families and can be combined with a scholarship to help address affordability concerns as necessary. Students who do not qualify for the AppleCore award will continue to be considered for admission to Applewild and Access Applewild.

How to Apply

Candidates for scholarships must submit an online application for admission, an AppleCore application form, and all of the supporting materials. All application materials are found in the online application.

AppleCore Scholarship applicants will be asked to come for a campus visit, to engage in a small group exercise with teachers, and to have a personal interview. The Scholarship Committee seeks to enroll students who have demonstrated academic achievement, possess a positive attitude toward school, and whose parents seek a well-rounded, rigorous liberal arts education for their child. In addition, the committee looks for candidates who will benefit from Applewild’s educational programs and who will contribute positively to the school community.

In order to retain the scholarship each subsequent year through graduation, a student must maintain a minimum of a “B” (83–86%) grade average and continue to demonstrate strong attributes of citizenship within the Applewild community.

Applicants applying for an AppleCore Scholarship must complete the following:

  • Online Admission Application, including Teacher Recommendation Forms

  • AppleCore Application: Please contact Kelly Jennison for an AppleCore Application

  • Copies of transcripts from current school

  • Interview and small group discussion

  • Student School Visit

  • ISEE/entrance exam

For more information contact: Kelly Jennison at (978) 342 – 6053 ext 110, kjennison@applewild.org