What is Access Applewild?

Access Applewild is an innovative tuition program that reflects our deeply held beliefs about who we are as an institution and how we can better serve the families who share our vision. At Applewild, we seek bright, enthusiastic children who love to learn, and families who are committed to investing in an independent school education for their children. Access Applewild, a responsible and responsive tuition model, allows families to apply for reduced tuition in contrast to applying for a financial aid grant or award. Tuition for each family will vary based on the family’s category (that is, the grade level of the student) and on the family’s financial circumstances. At Applewild, each family is expected to contribute financially to their child's education, and many families pay the full cost of tuition. For others, Access Applewild enables the family to apply for a reduced tuition based on a specific, confidential, and individualized process.  We realize that investing in an Applewild education is a stretch for many families, and we invite and encourage any family to apply.

Applewild believes diversity of all kinds, including economic diversity, enriches the educational opportunity for all students and creates a healthy school and environment for learning.  We are committed to making our formative, individualized, and innovative education possible for bright, talented students from all economic backgrounds.

How is Access Applewild Innovative?

Access Applewild is based on a belief in the importance of partnering with families in a way that acknowledges the contribution of each family, the sacrifices they are making to invest in an Applewild education, and their individual circumstances. Financial aid models often make families feel like they are reduced to financial number crunching. Access Applewild does rely on confidential financial analysis through a third party, School and Student Services, but only as the first step in a process that involves giving families a personalized experience that enables them to provide more meaningful information about their circumstances. In addition to being beneficial to our families, Access Applewild reinforces Applewild’s role as a leader in independent school best practices.

Who is Eligible, and what is the Qualification Process and Timeline?

Families currently enrolled at Applewild and families considering an Applewild education for the first time are eligible to be considered for a tuition through the Access Applewild program.  All families’ circumstances will undergo an individualized analysis as part of the process, and every family will work closely with the Director of Admission.

The application priority deadline for returning families is January 15, 2019.  After that decisions made on rolling basis.  Current Applewild families who meet that deadline and qualify for Access Applewild will be provided with their tuition and re-enrollment contract in mid-February.  

New admission applicants need to submit the admission application and Access Applewild application as quickly as possible - these two processes are completed concurrently.   When this is done concurrently, families will receive an admission decision and  also receive their Access Applewild tuition decision.  Some families may not qualify or may be placed on a waiting list for their specific tuition based on our School’s resources.

In addition to families completing an online financial analysis (http://sssbynais.org/parents/), we ask that they submit:

  • 2017 and 2018 tax returns

  • 2016 tax returns (Required from NEW families ONLY)

  • 2017 and 2018 W2s

  • A Monthly Income and Expense report, which will provide the Access Applewild Committee with greater transparency and individualization in the analysis of each specific family situation

  • For families who have parents or guardians who are divorced or separated, each household must fully complete the qualification process.

Is my family required to complete the qualification process?

No.  Only families who feel that the top end of their child’s tuition category is out of their reach should apply to the Access Applewild program.

Is my family required to complete the qualification process each year?

For new admission applicants who would like to be considered for Access Applewild, the qualification process should be completed along with the admission application process. Current Applewild families will need to complete the qualification process only when their child enters a new tuition category - for example, students entering kindergarten (category 1), entering first grade (category 2), entering fourth grade (category 3), and entering sixth grade (category 4).  However, if a family feels that their financial circumstances have changed significantly in a given year, the qualification process can be completed even if child is not entering a new category.  In this particular situation, a family should contact the Admission Office.

Does the application process for Access Applewild affect a student’s chances of admission to the school?

A family’s qualification profile does not affect a student’s acceptance to Applewild.  Access Applewild tuition is determined separately from the admission process.

Are all students who are offered admission, or who are current Applewild students entering into the qualification process for the first time, offered a tuition through the Access Applewild program?

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to offer an Access Applewild tuition for all students who qualify for admission and a reduced tuition. Similarly, we cannot offer a reduced tuition to all current Applewild families who choose to be considered for Access Applewild for the first time.

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information, please contact Kelly Jennison at kjennison@applewild.org or 978-342-6053 ext. 110.