Q: Why doesn’t Applewild simply offer a “normal” 9th grade?

A:  To put it simply, that’s been done already. As an innovative school, Applewild wants to be part of the thought-leadership about defining what a relevant, rigorous education should look like. The developmental window served by this program is a time of explosive intellectual and interpersonal growth. As such, it’s a major opportunity to expand and / or reset a student’s intellectual and behavioral habits which are foundational for all higher learning. 

Q: Does anyone else do this?

A: No. One of the joys of being an independent school is that we can develop programs that fit the needs of today’s student in a nimble and responsive way.

Q:  How does this fit with Applewild’s program and mission?

A:  We believe the ages 4-15 are the most important in a student’s intellectual and emotional development and the School has an explicit focus on metacognition, so the mission and philosophy of Prospect Studio is a direct complement to the K-8 program.

Q: How will students spend their time?

A: While the work is immersive, the schedule is simple.  The days are organized into morning, lunch, and afternoon blocks with students spending most of their time in:

  • Multidisciplinary seminars designed by faculty,

  • Studio time pursuing projects developed in those seminars,

  • Small group tutorials 

  • Off campus for research and fieldwork leveraging the resources in the community

Q:  Can a student repeat 8th grade through Prospect Studio?  

A:  Yes.

Q: Where will Prospect Studio be housed?

A: Home base will be in the Ansin Upper School Building, however, the School has a 15 passenger van which is for school-day use by Prospect. With the availability of easy and flexible transportation, it is expected that Prospect Studio students will learn in the field on a routine basis. Boston, Cambridge, Burlington, Worcester, Nashua and the greater-Fitchburg area contain innumerable resources available!

Q:  Are Applewild students expected to enroll in this program?

A:  No. Development can vary widely during the middle school years and occurs on a timetable individual to each student. Applewild honors each family's decision about what is best for their child. We expect most of our Applewild students to graduate after the 8th grade and to matriculate to secondary school. We offer Prospect Studio as one more option for our families to consider. 

Q: Is there financial aid available?

A: There will be little financial aid available as this is a new venture that is reliant on tuition income. If you feel your son or daughter would excel within this program, but the cost would be uniquely prohibitive, please inquire with Admissions. 

Q:  How much is tuition?

A:  $28,000 for Day, $54,000 for 5-day boarding or $56,000 for 7-day boarding. Families must also provide a School-approved laptop for the student’s exclusive use.

Q:  Can Prospect Studio students participate in Applewild athletics?

A:  Yes, but participation is optional. 

Q:  Can international students attend Prospect Studio?

A:  Yes, but English skills must be well-developed. 

Q: What is the application process?

A:  A separate application is required. As part of our screening process program leaders will meet with students and parents at the School or at the student’s home for an interview and conversation. No standardized testing is required, although these data points are helpful in establishing a clear understanding of your student’s learning profile. 

Q: Is Prospect Studio part of Applewild?

A: Yes. Applewild School offers a formative, individualized and innovative program from preschool to grade nine. While this program is separate from Applewild’s traditional K-8th program, it is a natural extension of the School’s focus on community values, service learning and metacognition --- all of which drive intrinsic motivation and personal growth. In combination with our five- and seven-day boarding program, Prospect Studio allows Applewild School to share its innovative thinking with students from a wide geographic range.

Q:  How will enrollment in the Prospect Studio program impact secondary school admission?

A:  The skills developed in Prospect Studio are those sought by the most forward looking secondary schools, and as a result we expect those admission offices to look favorably upon a student’s creative and courageous choice to pursue a transformative year with Prospect Studio.

Q: What does “Placemaking” mean?

A: Placemaking is a multi-faceted approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces. Placemaking capitalizes on a local community's assets, inspiration, and potential, with the intention of creating public spaces that promote people's health, happiness, and well-being. Placemaking can be driven by government or by community activists. As part of this program, students will be encouraged to consider what it means to take responsibility for their communities which aligns with our Core Values of being Civic-Minded and Responsible.

Q: Who are your partners?

A:  Applewild has chosen to partner with Powderhouse Studios to leverage their world-class expertise. Powderhouse won the nationwide $10m XQ Prize for innovations in education and is thought of highly in innovation space for education. Powderhouse has partnered with the Woodrow Wilson School of MIT and we hope to benefit from this relationship. The big ideas which drive Powderhouse Studios are in firm synchronicity with our goals for Prospect Studio.