Did You Know?

Applewild Fun Facts


Foreign Language instruction begins in Kindergarten. 

French class for our K–5 students is multi-sensory, interactive, and creative. Sixth graders learn about language structure and the roots of the English language through their study of Latin. Students in grades seven and eight choose either Latin or Spanish, completing high school level one by graduation. 


There are four science labs on campus.

Lab-based science programs, in grades one through eight, provide an active, inquiry-based approach to science and outstanding preparation for secondary school work. All classes are taught by science teacher specialists.


Applewild is recognized as a “Common Sense School” by Common Sense Media, a national nonprofit organization.

The designation recognizes Applewild for educating its K-8 students to be safe, smart, and ethical digital citizens. Two computer labs, in addition to an ample supply of laptop computers in a wireless, networked campus, provide strong computing resources to our students. Activboards enhance the technological capabilities in our classrooms.


The two libraries at Applewild house more than 20,000 books and periodicals.

In addition, thousands more resources are accessible both at school and at home through subscription databases. Students have access to items through the Central Massachusetts Regional Library System via interlibrary loan. Our librarian hosts a technology blog for teachers at applewildtechnology.wordpress.com.


Our learning doesn’t stop when the school day ends.

After-school programs like French Club and S’more Math provide enrichment and fun for participants at no extra cost to families.


Our students represent their school in several state and national competitions.

Many of our students regularly receive honors on the National Latin Exam. Every year, our Upper School students earn first or second place in many of the categories at Massachusetts History Day, qualifying for the state and national competitions.




The Upper School Jazz Band has won three gold medals and a silver medal in its last four appearances at the Central District Jazz Festival hosted by the International Association for Jazz Educators.

Instrumental music is introduced to all students in the fourth grade with a performing recorder band. All fifth and sixth graders select a musical instrument and have small-group lessons and band rehearsal every week. Jazz Band, Jazz Gems, and Orchestra are all popular options for seventh and eighth graders who wish to continue their instrumental music studies.


All students in Kindergarten through grade five sing in choruses and perform in plays. 

Third graders are the lead actors in a musical production, with the younger students comprising the chorus. Grades four and five perform a radio play before a live audience. Upper School sixth graders perform a Shakespeare-themed play annually. Seventh and eighth graders perform an annual play. All performances take place in our state-of-the-art, 400-seat Alumni Performing Arts Center.


Applewild is proud to have its own arts foundation. 

The Marshall Fund for the Arts supports on-campus events as well as an annual artist-in-residence program. Most recent residencies have included Balinese dance, ceramics and pottery, singing and song-writing with professional musicians, a school-wide collaborative weaving project, and African dance.


Sixth grade students participate annually in a juried art exhibit at the Fitchburg Art Museum.

Outstanding student art by all grade levels is proudly displayed throughout the year in our lobbies and corridors. In Upper School, art mentor programs allow students to work on their talents for up to four hours a week in addition to the regular curricular opportunities.


There are two active woodshops on campus.

Through woodworking, our K-8 students have the opportunity to hone skills in spatial visualization, measurement, problem solving, and three-dimensional thinking, all with “real world” applications. Upper School student-made furniture pieces have won awards at competitions. When you visit campus, be sure to check out the grandfather clock in the upper school lobby or the balance toy in the lower school woodshop!


Our 26-acre campus is home to three playing fields and two gymnasiums. 

All lower school students participate in a physical education program. Students in fourth and fifth grades also participate in intramural sports. Interscholastic sports, with an emphasis on both skill and sportsmanship, are practiced in grades 6–8. Interscholastic sports include soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, basketball and cross country.


Our front hill is perfect for sledding on a snowy day!

All students participate in recess daily, including sledding in winter, on three campus playgrounds.

Additional Highlights

Our 26-acre campus abuts hundreds of acres of conservation lands. 

We make good use of our beautiful setting, adjacent to hundreds of acres of Mass Audubon and North County Land Trust conservation land. The many trails provide an outdoor science lab for environmental studies and nature walks. We tend a sizeable vegetable garden which is used by the science department for curricular purposes and is harvested for use at our family-style lunches.


All students volunteer their time and energy to make their world a better place.

Each year, our students participate in community service initiatives which encourage volunteerism, civic-mindedness, and leadership development. Whether sewing plush beds for animal shelters, mixing ingredients for homemade dog treats, selling handmade ornaments to raise money for endangered sea animals, donating food to local food banks, reading to our buddies at the local Head Start Preschool, visiting our grandfriends at The Gables assisted living facility, or performing for developmentally disabled friends at The Arc of Opportunity, Applewild students learn early the importance of being compassionate and engaged members of the community beyond Crocker House.