Why Applewild

Families consider Applewild for many reasons. Students who do not join us in Kindergarten have found their way to Applewild from public schools, parochial, charter, or other independent schools.  This is also true for families who are exploring or have opted for homeschooling as an alternative to the public system.

Homeschool families who choose Applewild tell us that we provide a seamless, exciting transition for their students. Our intentionally small class sizes and commitment to our Core Values provide a comfortable transition into a welcoming social experience that is often one of the reasons the student and/or parents consider a shift from homeschooling.

Our combination of academic approach and emphasis on rich co-curricular experiences is another reason the transition is smooth. Applewild challenges and supports all our students while building a strong community, ensuring that each student is known well, and empowering students to discover who they are as learners.

Nurturing this type of educational environment inspires student-driven and student-centered learning and we have found that these approaches work exceptionally well with our students who come to Applewild from homeschool experiences.

Contact Us

We would be happy to speak with you about our homeschool-friendly admission process as you consider options for your student or students. A number of homeschooled families choose Applewild for their students each school year, and we would be delighted to have an opportunity to share more about why our community is a strong fit.

We do offer scholarships for students entering grades 4–7.

What Homeschool Parents Are Saying About Applewild

“We homeschooled our daughter in the fifth grade to improve the quality of her education. Once we found Applewild, my daughter knew that this was the school for her. The transition from homeschooling to Applewild in sixth was seamless. Our daughter jumped into all of what Applewild has to offer: a great academic curriculum, performing arts, the visual arts, and sports. All the while being supported by kind teachers and students.

Her father and I have been tremendously happy with her Applewild education and we know that she is well prepared for high school next fall. It has been the best educational decision we have made.”

—Christine R. Nelson, parent of Anna, Class of 2018