The Lower School community at Applewild, encompassing grades K–5, is a happy and supportive environment where students learn to develop a positive sense of self and sensitivity to the needs of others. Students are actively engaged in advanced curricula in language arts, math, and social studies. They work in science labs through inquiry-based learning experiences. They sing as part of our chorus, explore music and movement, discover new languages and cultures, and enjoy many more outlets for creative expression. We offer ample play through physical education classes and daily recesses on our expansive 26-acre campus and outdoor classrooms. 

At Applewild, we believe that building community and knowing our students well are foundational to ensuring the success of each child. All Lower School teachers are trained in the Responsive Classroom, an approach to teaching and learning which ensures that our teachers know each student and his or her family incredibly well. Additionally, small class sizes and the tradition of eating lunch together each day ensure that the adults in our community carefully observe and nurture the academic and social-emotional needs of our students. With this approach, community is built and students feel known and valued—the result is an engaging, active, and enthusiastic community of confident young learners.