Why Applewild?

Applewild is an independent school that offers a formative, individualized, and innovative education for students preschool through eighth grade.

With a tradition of excellence in liberal arts education and a deep emphasis on our core values, Applewild prepares students both for secondary school and for fulfilling and balanced lives. Our supportive and inclusive community supports our students as they develop strengths, overcome challenges, and learn to love learning.

We Will Know Your Child

Children quickly find their place in the Applewild community. In an environment of small classes and enthusiastic students and teachers, everyone at Applewild is known personally, as an individual with talents and strengths to celebrate. Our students are encouraged to flourish and lead others in the areas where they excel. Just as importantly, they are given all of the support necessary to persevere and succeed in the areas where they struggle. 

We Live Our Core Values

Our core values of respect, fairness, responsibility, compassion, cooperation, honesty, and civic-mindedness are the foundation of our community and curriculum. We seek to instill a strong sense of empathy in every child—both for the people that they interact with every day and, more broadly, for their fellow global citizens. Our daily and weekly routines are designed to deepen our collective understanding of what it means to live and learn together as a community.

We Make Connections Daily

From the moment they set foot on campus each day, our students are engaged and connected within our small community. These are the relationships that make the Applewild experience so formative.

  • Every day we gather for a family-style lunch in which faculty and students from several grades eat together at small tables, developing close-knit relationships across age groups. 

  • Our Lower School homeroom and Upper School advising structure gives students of all ages daily opportunities for personal and small group check-ins with adults who are invested in their success.

  • Lower Schoolers (grades K–5) begin and end their week together. On Mondays, all lower school students and teachers gather at Common Time. On Fridays, Kindergarten through third grade classes gather to celebrate the week’s accomplishments, while fourth- and fifth-graders end the week with games and sports together on the lawn and in the gym.

  • Our Preschool and Pre-K classrooms develop important social-emotional connections during their daily Morning Meeting time, laying the foundation for a happy and healthy school culture now and in the future.

  • After the academic day, Upper Schoolers (grades 6–8) learn and lead on athletic fields and courts, in art and music studios, and on stage. These experiences as teammates and creative collaborators develop friendships outside of advisory groups or classrooms.

We Build the Courage to Try New Things

At the core of a liberal arts education is the opportunity to learn across many disciplines. Applewild students participate in our visual art, woodshop, drama, choral music, instrumental music, sports, physical education, community service, public speaking, and foreign language programs throughout their time here. An Applewild education balances breadth and depth in a way that allows children to experience different types of learning while also encouraging them to pursue their particular interests.

  • In grades 6–8, students who show interest in delving deeply into art or woodshop have the opportunity to work individually with an instructor in our art and shop mentor programs.

  • Budding thespians have the opportunity to take on lead roles as early as the third grade.

  • Through our music program, dedicated instrumentalists can join the jazz band and hone their improvisation skills with multiple solos beginning in the lower school years.

  • Our sports teams feature all levels, from novice to experienced. Our emphasis on skill development means that students who sign up for the recreational participation level often decide to compete with the travel squad by the end of the season. It’s just too much fun to miss!

We Make Learning Exciting

At Applewild, every learning experience has an element of adventure. Every day is filled with variety and activity, so that students’ inherent love of learning is allowed to thrive.

  • We deliberately design the school day to include walks to classrooms throughout our expansive campus so that every lesson begins and ends with energized and joyful students. 

  • Across all grades, we break for a snack and recess every day, because children (and adults!) of all ages benefit from movement and socialization. 

  • In the classroom, hands-on, interdisciplinary projects help students draw meaningful connections between different subjects.

We Believe In Your Child’s Future

The Applewild curriculum prepares students to excel in secondary school. Our students often become leaders in the arts and in extracurricular activities at the secondary schools to which they matriculate, as well as stellar students. We teach students in a traditional setting that provides them with the time-management, organizational, and personal skills necessary for success in secondary school, but our programs also provide students with a toolkit of additional valuable skills with real world applications. 

An Applewild education also prepares students for the broader world that we live in today.  At a time when the careers, challenges, and culture of the next generation may be wholly different than they are now, a solid liberal arts foundation is vital for every child. Applewild students graduate with the ability to be reflective, think critically, communicate, create, persevere, and collaborate. With these core competencies, along with our core values, our students leave Applewild ready to make the world a better place.

Five Year Matriculation 2013 - 2018

After Applewild, our students make their way to a number of independent secondary schools, parochial schools, and charter and public schools:

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