The magic of our Upper School derives from a coherent, intentional plan in which our Core Values are interwoven with our Core Competencies to support a community of engaged, communicative and collaborative early adolescent learners. Our culture of high expectations and care for ourselves, each other, and our school make this the best place possible for young people during this transformational time. 


At the start of each day, students have a morning Advising period before they head off to their classes, which are challenging and engaging and that meet them where they are as learners. Our teachers delight in working with students this age. Over the course of any given day, they have meaningful interactions with these young people in the classrooms and hallways, over a meal together at lunchtime, and on the athletic fields.

The social and emotional life of students this age, as they enjoy the delights and challenges of adolescence, is attended to carefully through the relationships they build with the adults around them. The Advising curriculum includes leadership skills, decision making, being a responsible digital citizen, and reflection and goal setting, and many other topics and skills important at this age.

Our advisory program ensures that students are truly known well, and faculty advisors closely follow the academic, social, and emotional development of his or her advisees – we believe this is integral to the success and happiness of each student. 


Throughout the course of their career, Applewild Upper Schoolers learn, through our metacognitive approach, who they are as learners. They practice and develop the key skills of planning, initiating, and executing their academic objectives. Students in Upper School learn to manage their academics through nightly homework as well as longer term projects. They learn self-advocacy skills in classes and at regularly scheduled extra help sessions. 

Upper School students participate in challenging courses in English, math, and social studies. They study science through experiential work and collaborative experiments. They study Latin in the sixth grade and can choose either Latin or Spanish in seventh and eighth grades. Accelerated sections in math and science are available beginning in the seventh grade. All students are valued, nurtured, and known as the individual learners that they are.

Arts and Athletics

Our arts and athletics programs are highlights of the student experience at Applewild. Beginning in the sixth grade, our students learn to play an instrument and perform with our Symphonic Band, Jazz Gems, and Jazz Band as part of our instrumental music program. Applewild students enjoy singing in our choral program, creating in the woodworking and art studios, performing in two different Spring plays, and participating in a wide variety of academic competitions and public speaking opportunities. Students who are passionate athletes become leaders and mentors for those trying a sport for the first time in our athletics program. There is great pride and fun putting on that green and white uniform and playing for the Hawks!

Secondary School

In the spring of their seventh grade year, every Applewild student (and family) is paired with an experienced faculty member to begin the secondary school process. This partnership continues throughout the following year, offering a highly individualized and focused experience.

Upper School students have the opportunity to take on leadership positions in a variety of activities, and our teachers intentionally weave Applewild’s Core Values into the curriculum. Upon graduation, Applewild students have learned and accomplished a great deal – they know they are ready for future challenges, they are excellent problem-solvers, and they are confident they can make contributions to their communities.

Our students continue their education at a wide variety of public, charter, parochial, and independent secondary schools. In the arts, academics, and community engagement, Applewild students are poised to become leaders at their next schools.

Five Year Matriculation 2013 - 2018

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Parent Testimonials

“[Our son] has had three exceptional advisors who strongly support and encourage him, fostering trust and building important relationships. [His advisors] have encouraged our son to take risks in his art and permit mistakes. This lesson overflowed to his daily life and provided a context wherein our son can err but keep moving forward.  His advisors have devised creative ways to help him stay organized and self-advocate in a way that was fun, positive, and caring.” Parents of an 8th Grade Student