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Lower School (K-5)

Academics at Applewild focuses on students age 4 – 15, believing that they are enthusiastic learners who prosper in an environment in which adults know them, have high expectations for them and inspire them. Our students explore a wide range of academic and co-curricular endeavors to fully stimulate their brains, discover their talents and celebrate those of their classmates.

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Upper School (6-8)

The core of our program is our challenging curriculum. By the time our students leave our Upper School, they are capable of reading for detail and nuance and writing carefully crafted papers in English and history; and most also are prepared for advanced study in mathematics, science, and foreign language. Our graduates are also frequently leaders in their secondary schools as artists, actors, instrumentalists, singers, and/or athletes.  

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Applewild Preschool provides our youngest learners with a smart start. Here, we view children as powerful, capable and resourceful learners. Our year-round program is rooted in child-centered activities.  Read More →


Devens Campus

Our Devens Campus Continues to Grow!

We are accepting applications for first grade for 2019-20 and will continue to add a class each year through the fifth grade.
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Learning Support

Applewild prepares bright, motivated students for success in secondary school and in life. We know that students have different learning styles and strengths and that progress can come on different timetables. A comprehensive definition of excellence therefore includes students with learning differences, and our emphasis on respect includes valuing such differences. Read More →

International Students

Applewild School offers an intensive, well rounded ELL program for international students and non-native English speaking students in grades kindergarten through eight.  Students enrolled in our ELL program participate in our challenging academic curriculum and diverse extracurricular activities. 

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Arts & Athletics


We Give Students the Tools to Create

Art, shop, band, chorus, and drama are just as essential to an Applewild education as math, social studies, science, and language arts. We recognize that the arts are an integral part of every child’s emotional and intellectual development, so we’ve created spaces where our students have the opportunity to actively create and express themselves.

Visual & Performing Arts

Our arts curriculum includes studies of theory and history, because understanding the tools and context of every discipline is important, but at its core it is about doing and making. Hands-on and active creativity is one of the many ways that we keep school engaging, and it doesn’t end in art class. The arts are often incorporated into our academic classes and broader school life as well. With our emphasis on the arts in and out of the classroom, we encourage our students to develop imaginative and original approaches to problems, and to express their ideas in creative ways. It’s no surprise that our students often go on to be leaders in the arts at their secondary schools, and creative thinkers and problem-solvers in everyday life. Read More →


Just as our culture of inclusion encourages our students to be their best selves in the classroom and in their everyday lives, it allows them to have fun and improve on our athletic fields, no matter what their ability at the start of the season. In Upper School sports as well as Lower School physical education (PE) we help our students discover the value of perseverance, teamwork, and sportsmanship, while developing skills and healthy habits that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. Read More →




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