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Applewild Forever Capital Campaign
Applewild Forever Capital Campaign

A Vision for Our Future:

Building on our momentum, securing Applewild's sustainability, forever.

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With Your Support

We will elevate our students' experience and secure Applewild's future for generations to come.

Give to the Applewild Forever Capital Campaign

The Applewild Forever Capital Campaign includes five initiatives:

  1. Expand Student and Faculty Housing

  2. Build New Athletic & Wellness Center

  3. Renovate Marshall Building & Build New Playgrounds

  4. Restore Crocker House

  5. Invest in our People

Why now?

The School has worked hard to innovate the academic curriculum to offer a compelling and differentiated program embracing STEM, project-based learning, Science of Reading, and Bridges Math. The toddler, preschool, and pre-k programs now serve over 100 local families. The junior-boarding program makes an Applewild education available to children from across the country and around the world, elevating the intellectual discourse, and increasing opportunities for all students. The strong learning support program has been augmented to include the Foundations program for bright, dyslexic students. 

All of this innovation and growth demonstrates strong programmatic and financial performance, which combined with compelling goals for the future, naturally clarified what is needed to continue offering the highest quality educational experience. Each generation, with thoughtful consideration, has paved the way for the next, ensuring a legacy of support, growth, and success. 


Isn't tuition revenue sufficient?

No. As a 501c-3 non-profit, Applewild receives no government funding, and tuition only covers 75% of our day-to-day expenses. Providing a high-quality education is costly, so we depend on fundraising, like the Annual Fund, to bridge the financial gap. Thanks to those who’ve contributed, and we encourage everyone to participate. Capital projects, involving lasting structures or programs, are funded through capital campaigns. Every element on our campus is a result of generous donation - every stick and stone!

Give to the Applewild Forever Capital Campaign