Tuition Within Reach

We believe that diversity of all kinds, including economic diversity, enriches the education we provide for all of our students. It creates a healthy environment for learning and school community and it more accurately represents the world in which we live. We are committed to making our formative, individualized, and innovative education possible for bright, talented students from all economic backgrounds.

Applewild continues to be a leader among independent schools in seeking to be more accessible to families—particularly middle-income families—who often feel overlooked by independent schools.

Access Applewild

Our Individualized and Innovative Tuition Model

At Applewild, we seek bright, enthusiastic children who love to learn, and families who are committed to investing in an independent school education for their children.

Access Applewild is a responsive and responsible approach to tuition that reflects our deeply held beliefs about who we are as an institution. Our trustees and school leadership developed this innovative program as an opportunity to better serve families who share our vision that education is an investment with far-reaching dividends for children, families, and communities.

We expect each family to contribute financially to their child's education, and many families pay the full cost of tuition, but we also realize that investing in an Applewild education is a stretch for many families. Through Access Applewild, families can apply for reduced tuition based on their specific financial picture. We recognize that an Applewild education is an investment over several years; the Access Applewild process makes it possible for families to pay anywhere from 20% to 90% of full tuition as a reflection of a sustainable yearly family contribution.

Our Process

Our application process for Access Applewild is specific, confidential, and individualized.

Open an Account

Your first step is to open an Access Applewild account. You can begin this process at any time.

Complete a Financial Statement

Once you’ve opened an account, please complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS), which helps us understand your family’s total financial picture. As part of the process, you will be prompted to upload specific supporting documents and we encourage you to offer written insights along the way. You can save, close, and re-open your file as often as needed. 

Receive an Enrollment Offer

After we receive a complete PFS, we carefully review it to determine a tuition that we feel is sustainable for both your family and the School. Typically, families apply for Access Applewild as part of the overall application process, allowing us to offer your family’s tuition amount as part of your acceptance and enrollment offer.