Learning Support at Applewild

Applewild prepares bright, motivated students for success in secondary school and in life. We know that students have different learning styles and strengths and that progress can come on different timetables. A comprehensive definition of excellence therefore includes students with learning differences and our emphasis on respect includes valuing such differences.

Because of our size, our commitment to know each child well, our years of experience, and our breadth and depth of program, we are ideally suited to challenge a range of capable, creative students, including those ready to move quickly through our curriculum and those who require support.

We want all of our students to feel success and be recognized for achievement. Extra help is a standard part of our daily schedule and we provide all students with explicit practice in study skills. The goal of our Applewild Center for Learning Support is to provide additional strategies to students with learning differences while integrating them into our standard program as much as possible.

Being known well and having strengths affirmed are key motivators for all students. Involvement in all aspects of our program provides multiple ways for that accomplishment and recognition to occur. The goal is the same for all students: that they become successful learners.

Partnership With Parents

Among Applewild’s strengths is how we partner with parents. This partnership is particularly powerful for those students who begin to show evidence of learning interferences—early assessment and intervention are key to understanding how to help children learn best. If progress does not match innate ability once a student is at Applewild, our Learning Specialist works with both the school and family to identify the areas of interference and then develop strategies and an academic plan, which may include an outside educational evaluation.

Such an evaluation can help identify students' strengths and areas of needed growth and is shared with appropriate school staff so that an effective support plan can be implemented. For a particularly gifted student generally working successfully two or more grade levels ahead, the result may be a plan for acceleration in a specific course or a grade level.

More often, learning differences are identified that require additional support so that students develop the skills for academic success. The Academic Support Coordinator schedules the support plan and communicates with families about the logistics and fees involved.

A student’s academic plan might include individual or small group instruction, tutoring in a specific subject area, reading and/or mathematics scaffolding, or general organization/executive function support. The goal is to build needed skills and abilities while also helping students to develop their talents and interests.

Our program does not accommodate students whose diagnosis is behavioral or emotional.

Are there additional fees for this program?

Yes. Families pay for the highly individual attention of any tutoring that is established based on the level of support required. Because the fees are variable, it is best to discuss any additional fees when exploring admission for your child.