Why Applewild?

Applewild is an independent school that offers a formative, individualized, and innovative education for students preschool through 8th grade. With a tradition of excellence in liberal arts education and a deep emphasis on our core values, Applewild prepares students both for secondary school and for fulfilling and balanced lives. In our supportive and inclusive community every student is given the opportunity to explore the areas in which they can excel—and they get to have fun in the process!

Our Community Cares

In an environment of small classes and enthusiastic students and teachers, permeated by a culture of inclusion, everyone finds their place in the Applewild community quickly. We value diversity of all kinds, and our students and teachers welcome children regardless of where they come from or how shy they may be. Everyone at Applewild is known personally, as an individual; they are allowed and encouraged to flourish and lead others in the areas where they excel, and they are given all of the support necessary to persevere and succeed in the areas where they struggle.

Our core values of respect, fairness, responsibility, compassion, cooperation, honesty, and civic-mindedness are the foundation of our community and curriculum. We seek to instill a strong sense of empathy in every child—both for the people that they interact with every day face to face, and more broadly for their fellow global citizens. In addition to learning about other cultures in social studies, geography, French, Spanish, etc., and regularly participating in local community service projects, our students actively engage in our smaller community in day to day life. Every day we gather for a family-style lunch, in which students and faculty eat together at mixed-grade tables, and our Lower School homeroom and Upper School advising structure gives students of all ages daily opportunities for personal and small group check-ins. Applewild is a place where everyone is supported, and where everyone gets a chance to serve and lead in a caring community.

There Are So Many Things To Try

The core of a liberal arts education is trying everything. At Applewild every student gets a chance to take risks and try new things in a supportive environment, and if they develop a passion for a specific subject, they are given the opportunity to pursue it in depth and lead their peers in that area. Everyone at Applewild participates in our visual art, woodshop, drama, choral music, instrumental music, sports, P.E., community service, public speaking, and foreign language programs. In grades 6-8, if a student is interested in delving deeply into art or shop, he or she has the opportunity to work individually with an instructor in our art/shop mentor programs. If a student is passionate about theater, he or she has the opportunity to take on a lead role as early as the 3rd grade. In music, dedicated instrumentalists can join the jazz band and hone their improvisation skills with multiple solos. An Applewild education balances breadth and depth in a way that allows children to experience different types of learning, and encourages them to pursue their particular interests.

We Make Learning Exciting

At Applewild, every learning experience has an element of adventure.  We deliberately design the school day to include refreshing trips across our lush and expansive campus, so that every lesson begins and ends with energized and joyful students. Every day is filled with variety and activity, so that students’ inherent love of learning is allowed to thrive. Students of all grades take a break for snack and recess every day, because active leisure time is important for children of all ages, but excitement and activity is not limited to play at Applewild.

In the classroom hands-on, cross-curricular projects help reinforce lessons and keep students engaged and invested in their own education. Students are encouraged to bring their own creativity to choice-based projects, while dedicated teachers guide them through creating their own goals and analyzing their own progress. The culture of effort and success at Applewild makes possible a deep trust between students and teachers, and the multi-faceted community involvement of teachers who are also advisors, coaches, and leaders engenders strong student-faculty relationships. In academics, arts, and athletics Applewild students are motivated and excited to excel.

We Believe In Your Child’s Future

After Applewild, students make their way to a number of independent secondary schools, parochial schools, and charter and public schools, and eventually they graduate into full adulthood as 21st century global citizens.  The Applewild curriculum prepares students to excel in secondary school--our students often become leaders in the arts and in extracurricular activities at the secondary schools to which they matriculate, as well as stellar students academically.  We also provide secondary school counseling to assist students who are applying to independent schools after Applewild. An Applewild education also prepares students for the broader world that we live in today.

At a time when the careers, challenges, and phenomena likely to be experienced by the next generation may be wholly different than they are now, a solid liberal arts foundation is vital for every child. We teach students in a traditional setting that provides them with the time-management, organizational, and personal skills necessary for success in secondary school, but our programs also provide students with a slew of additional valuable skills with real world applications. Applewild students graduate with the ability to be reflective, think critically, communicate, create, persevere, and collaborate. With these core competencies, along with our core values, our students leave Applewild ready to make the world a better place.

Five Year Matriculation 2013 - 2018

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