We learn together and we live together. 

For over a decade, Applewild School has enrolled students from across the globe who wish to strengthen their English language skills in preparation for secondary school in the U.S. We are proud of our program and the opportunities it has afforded our international students. All Applewild students participate in the full life of the school, including athletics, arts, and community service. Learn more about our ELL program here.

Families searching for the right combination of academic programs and school culture know the inherent value in finding “the right fit” for their son or daughter. These families can search far and wide to find the school that will best support their sons and daughters, and Applewild School is often that magical “fit.”

To further support our valued students and families, we offer a junior boarding program for grades 5 through 8. Having this option allows the school to best support our international students and to open our school to families who live beyond a reasonable daily commute.

Located at the top of the hill, adjacent to our athletic fields and neighboring conservation lands, our Flat Rock Dormitory houses 16 boys and girls, plus three dorm parents. With a long tradition of faculty housing on campus, we understand the importance of multiple points of contact — our dorm parents will not only care for and attend to our boarding students at eveningtime and on weekends, but they will be involved in daily campus life as tutors, coaches, and teachers. Knowing our students well helps us to support them in all of their endeavors — academic, athletic, and social.

Thoughtful planning of weekend events and activities provides many opportunities for our day students and families to interact with our boarding students. Whether an all-day trip on a Sunday to Boston, a few hours at a local apple orchard on an autumn afternoon, or an evening spent together on campus learning how to cook a favorite meal, boarding and day students alike will reap the benefits of our ever-widening global community.

We are currently accepting applications for both five- and seven-day boarding students entering grades 5-8.