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March 25 - 29

MONDAY - Chicken Tenders, Rice Pilaf, Green Beans

TUESDAY - Ziti w/Meatsauce, Broccoli Florets, French Bread


THURSDAY - Pot Roast, Mashed Red Bliss Potatoes, Sweet Corn

FRIDAY - Assorted Pizza, Hummus w/Carrots & Celery Sticks

Applewild participates in a campaign called Harvest of the Month (HoM), which is sponsored by  Massachusetts Farm to School Project. Every month a fruit or vegetable is featured and Mr. Palmieri and his kitchen staff purchase it locally and serve it at least twice. HoM produces a family newsletter that provides nutrition info, recipes, storage tips, and "where to buy local" tips.

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Greetings from the Appleseed Chorus!

We are working very hard to create the best show possible to share with you on April 11th and 12th.   Your children have been focused actors and actresses who are taking all of their duties very seriously, and at the same time are having a ton of fun!   

The following information is to help you help your child get organized for the show.  

MEMORIZATION:   If your child is learning lines, they must be off book (completely memorized) by TUESDAY, APRIL 2nd.   That gives them almost two weeks to practice with nothing in their hands, etc.   Many of the students have shared with me that they have started memorizing their lines, which is both amazing and wonderful... thank you for your work with your child.

COSTUMES:  This year all Appleseed Chorus students (K/1/2/3) will need to purchase a screen-printed t-shirt as part of their costume. This is to create a unified look for our cast, and the lettering has been created by a student specifically for our show.    The cost for this t-shirt is $8.75.   At the bottom of this letter is the order form for your student.    Please have your order to Mrs. Lent by Tuesday, April 2nd. 

Our comstume pieces are:
Full Cast:
White long sleeved t-shirt
Tan pants or skirt
Black socks (for under pants) OR White tights (for under skirts).
Black shoes

DRESS REHEARSALS:        Our Dress Rehearsals for the show will be during  the week of April 8th.  Your student can bring everything they need for the show starting April 4th, and it will live in a secure place until after the show.

If you have any questions regarding ANY of the above information,

please feel free to contact me at school.We look forward to seeing you in April!