Academic Excellence for All

At Applewild, all students are challenged academically, are valued as individuals, and are encouraged to pursue academic excellence and their individual interests. Applewild School offers an intensive, well-rounded ELL program for international students and non-native English speaking students in grades K–8. 

English Language Learners (ELL) Program

Students enrolled in our ELL program participate in our challenging academic curriculum and diverse extracurricular activities.  ELL students study alongside their American peers in our rigorous math, science, and social studies classes, and participate fully in instrumental music and/or chorus, studio art, theater, woodworking, and physical education or team sports.

In grades 6–8 (our Upper School), students attend an ELL class each day in place of our traditional English class.  The ELL course content focuses on developing students’ English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Students are also exposed to literature and grammar at appropriate levels. In addition, in place of an additional world language, students attend several Directed Studies classes per week with a Learning Support Teacher. In the Directed Studies component of our ELL program, academic language and content is emphasized to ensure comprehension and to support students’ progress.

In grades K–5 (our Lower School), students receive small group or individual tutorial support within our ELL program in lieu of taking French.  Here, students focus on growing their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in a highly individualized setting. 

In both the Lower and Upper Schools, ELL students’ classroom teachers thoughtfully collaborate with one another and students’ ELL teachers to ensure that students are appropriately supported and challenged throughout our entire academic and extracurricular curriculum.

Starting their American education at Applewild School provides international students the chance to acclimate to the American classroom. Skills of collaboration, problem-solving, and developing meaningful relationships with teachers and peers provide a solid foundation as students look to continue their education in the United States.

International Applicants

We welcome students of all nationalities to join our inclusive community. Please complete our user-friendly online application and select International Application.

In additional to official transcripts and letters of recommendation, we require Duolingo, plus either TOEFL or SSAT test results.

If you are not able to tour our campus in person, we require a Skype interview as part of the admission process, so that we may get to know you and you have the opportunity to learn more about us.

Please inquire online or contact Stacey Low, Associate Director of Admission, at to schedule a Skype interview. Please also feel free to communicate via WeChat; Stacey’s ID is Stacey_Low.