Guiding Principles

There are certain principles that guide the implementation of our mission:


We believe that a diverse community enhances and enriches our educational experience. We strive to create an inclusive culture of mutual responsibility where all people are valued and respected. Our goal is to recognize and acknowledge our shared humanity while understanding and respecting differences as we learn, live, and grow together.

One of the many ways we assure this commitment is through a formal program for English Language Learners (ELL). Our international students are welcomed and supported as they experience American culture and our community benefits from the ever-widening global perspective that comes through learning and living alongside students from diverse corners of the world.

Our Students

Applewild prepares bright, motivated students for success in secondary school and in life. Because of our size, our commitment to know each child well, our years of experience, and our breadth and depth of program, we are ideally suited to challenge a range of capable, creative students, including those ready to move quickly through our curriculum and those who require support.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are our greatest resource. They convey skills, knowledge, and values; and they encourage our students’ own exploration of ideas and understanding.

The tone of Applewild School, the values we promote, and the positive relationships between students and the teachers who know them well profoundly influence the academic climate and set the stage for all that we teach and learn.


The students, parents, faculty, staff, administration, alumni, and trustees make up the Applewild School community. In order for us to carry out our mission, a strong partnership is essential.

Assisting students and their families in the selection of their future school is an important extension of the school’s program. The faculty’s and administration’s knowledge of each student and our familiarity with secondary schools inform our suggestions about “best match.”


Our curriculum is based on the inherent worth of a liberal arts education, an understanding of child and adolescent development, and an appreciation of the skills that will be required by students maturing in the global community of the 21st century.

Our classrooms foster intellectual curiosity by encouraging students to take risks and discover new interests.

Our curriculum is organized along departmental lines. At the same time, we recognize that learning and knowledge transcend any one discipline, and we integrate learning among disciplines whenever appropriate.

A balance between content and process within a particular discipline is essential. Focusing on Core Competencies, our teachers encourage the integration of skills and knowledge.

Technology is integrated into our curriculum at all levels as a vital part of the learning process. In addition to efficiently finding and using digital information, our students design, engage and problem solve using technology both individually and collaboratively.

What differentiates Applewild?

We are:

  • Formative:  Applewild nurtures the mind and character, fostering the development of skills and values that prepare students for future educational success and purposeful lives as engaged citizens.

  • Individualized:  Within Applewild’s inclusive, student-centered community of learners, each individual’s unique strengths and potential are known, cherished, and cultivated.

  • Innovative:  Anchored in the tradition of a liberal arts education, Applewild engages students in active, collaborative, and service learning experiences that reflect the best practices in teaching and learning today.

We Believe:

  • Preschool through eighth grade is the most important time in a child's education.

  • Relationships matter—with our students, our families, and our community.

  • Students must be prepared for their path of learning.

  • Students learn best in an environment where they are respected and kindness is the norm.  Our Core Values—to be respectful, fair, responsible, compassionate, cooperative, honest, and civic-minded—are our foundation and are lived through word and deed.

  • Success requires emotional intelligence.  We intentionally foster strength of character, empathy, and the ability to work with others.

  • A dynamic, student-centered, challenging curriculum empowers students to be problem-solvers and problem-finders.

  • An outstanding K-8th grade curriculum is comprehensive. It includes visual and performing arts, sports/physical education/recess, public speaking, learning support services, and science.