What’s Next?

Upper School students have the opportunity to take on leadership positions in a variety of activities, and our teachers intentionally weave Applewild’s Core Values into the curriculum. Upon graduation, Applewild students have learned and accomplished a great deal – they know they are ready for future challenges, they are excellent problem-solvers, and they are confident they can make contributions to their communities.

Our students continue their education at a wide variety of public, charter, parochial, and independent secondary schools. In the spring of their 7th grade year, each student and family is paired with a Secondary School counselor. This senior faculty member works closely with parents and students throughout the next year to guide and shape the secondary school search. As a result of this individualized process, each year over 90% of our students are accepted at their first or second choice schools.

Five Year Matriculation 2013 - 2018

After Applewild, our students make their way to a number of independent secondary schools, parochial schools, and charter and public schools:

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