At Applewild, Athletics Are for Everyone

Activity and movement are important for ensuring that the school day is engaging and balanced for our students. Our Lower and Upper School students travel around campus for classes in different locations, break for snack and recess every day, and regularly participate in sports and PE. Applewild students are always moving—physical activity is woven into our regular days in a way that keeps our students engaged throughout their time in school.

When Applewild students graduate, they are used to being active and sportsmanlike leaders, they know how to make informed life choices from our thorough health curriculum, they know the value of teamwork and self-improvement, and they are ready to confidently try their hardest at anything they encounter.

Lower School PE and Intramurals

Beginning in Kindergarten, our PE program is designed to introduce skills to promote fitness, improve body control, spatial awareness, and motor skills, and encourage collaboration and good sportsmanship. Our younger students play games, learn the basics of different sports, and spend plenty of time outdoors, sometimes hiking in the hundreds of acres of conservation land surrounding our campus.

In the fourth grade students join our Green and White teams and begin to participate in Friday afternoon intramurals. In a relaxed setting, our students begin to apply their developing skills and values to seasonal sports and competitions with friends and classmates. Fifth graders have the opportunity to become Green and White captains, who lead the Lower School in athletics, bi-weekly common times, and broader Lower School life. In the eighth grade, Green and White captains act as leaders of the whole student body, organizing athletic events and heading the student council.

Upper School Sports

In the sixth grade students begin playing sports every afternoon instead of having PE classes during the day. School days at Applewild never stop being varied and exciting, and students in the Upper School still have snack and recess, as well as other opportunities for movement, every day. Likewise, as sports become more competitive, Applewild physical education maintains its emphasis on inclusivity, teamwork, and respect.

We expect our Upper School students to try travel sports, and our no-cut policy ensures that Applewild students of all skill levels get to have fun and improve on the field. Every season, our Upper Schoolers get to choose between travel sports (including soccer, cross country, field hockey, basketball, and lacrosse), a rotating non-travel sports component, and our mentor programs. We provide varied afternoon options so that students can delve more deeply into the areas about which they are passionate.


Fall Teams:

  • Girls Soccer

  • Boys Soccer

  • Field Hockey

  • Cross Country

Winter Teams:

  • Girls Basketball

  • Boys Basketball

  • Go Group

Spring Teams:

  • Girls Lacrosse

  • Boys Lacrosse

  • Track & Field